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    Tricho's EVERYWHERE! -Matucana

    well seeing as how you're a conspiracy theorist, ya better make it quick, before the upcoming pole shift!
  2. zelly

    yopo seed pods

    My yopo tree started producing pods several years ago, first just a few, then more the next year, then more, and finally this year it absolutely exploded with pods. If i dont pick them they eventually dry up & split open, dropping the seeds. I'd like to hear from experienced growers or those with first hand knowledge as to the best time to pick the pods; when the seeds are at their freshest & most viable..... pic taken mid july 2018
  3. I had a bumper crop of TPM flowers on 3 different plants this year, including a revert from Nitrogens TPC plant. Unfortunately the first few crosses didn't take due to the extreme heat wave we had...... 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to Torsten & earmarked for the 2019 server fund. Winning bidders will make direct payment to Torsten. Yes, more than the highest bidder will be a winner, however I wont say how many. Minimum bid increment is $5 AUD. Pictures of the mother plants can be found on my website. UPDATE: The auction ends Dec 25, 2018 at 11:59am NSW time. I'm cutting the auction off early I do not plan on offering these seeds to the general public until sometime next year and some not at all due to low supplies. This auction is for one seed pack (15-20 seeds per pack) for ALL of the following TPM hybrids: TPM x Peru Blue TPM x Huarazensis TPM x Zelly (2 or more Zelly pollen donors) TPM x Pach Lima3 TPM x Variegated Red Grandiflorus TPM x Scopulicola TPM x Bridgesii Lee TPM x Bridgesii KGC (Killer Green Cactus) TPM x Colossus TPM x Zelly3,Zelly7,Zelly20,Zelly21,Zelly26 Icaros x TPM Peru Blue x TPM Huarazensis x TPM Pach Jessica x TPM Peru Bonny x TPM Colossus x TPM Peru Clyde x TPM Pach Lima3 x TPM Bridgesii Lee x TPM (Huarazensis x Scopulicola) x TPM Malo4 x TPM Malo4 is a Scopulicola x Huarazensis hybrid (SS02xSS01) x TPM Huanucoensis x TPM Peru Blue x TPC revert bonus: Scopulicola x TPM if the fruit have ripened by the end of Auction
  4. zelly

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    update 8 mailed, 8 delivered. now we can auction off the cheat sheet numbers
  5. zelly

    yopo seed pods

    the linage on my tree can be traced back to withdrawl clinic who confirms it to be colubrina Since a caapi thrives & a few psychotria viridis survive my winters i suspect a yopo would do just fine here
  6. zelly

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    6 delivered, 2 lost one guy backed out
  7. zelly

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    As of today (1-16-19) eight TPM packages mailed to Aus & NZ have arrived in country & three of those eight have been delivered......(mailed on 1-9-19)....... when all have been delivered i will pm the cheat sheets......
  8. zelly

    Huachuma - San Pedro Issue

    As easily as it could be Mr Evil, so too could it be Mr Genius.... If i know EG, you'll probably score more points referring to him as Mr Genius rather than Mr Evil.... but yeah, chemical burn although in some circles of thought it could be a severe calcium/ magnesium deficiency...
  9. You do realize this is the SEED & PLANT SALES forum and not the WANTED forum correct?
  10. zelly

    yopo seed pods

    horrible winds today blew off some pods, some pretty dried out, some still green. So i went exploring....knife in hand i split open a few pods...one still pretty green and a dried out one.....the dried out pod seems to have a couple fully mature seeds inside whereas the green one had seeds that appeared to be fully formed but still had green (and soft) seed shells. From what I've just observed & hearing from the source of my plant I've determined the best time to pick the pods is after they've dried on the tree but before they split. green pods are too unripened dried pod is just right
  11. zelly

    TBM Flowering

    i made a joke that only noobs would fall for....although my bridge melty is finally of mature size & age to actually produce a bud....if its in the cards to do so... & yeah, if so there will be pics of the maturing bud up until it flowers
  12. zelly

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    Thanks for bidding mates! I'm happy to announce we have NINE OUTSTANDING WINNERS!!! swampjrass @ $500 SPiRALSHiFT @ $485 Gimli @ $485 Dropthehammer @ $480 Matt1208 @ $400 Getafix @ $380 AchumaMata @ $375 PadonKluft @ $370 interbeing @ $350 Please make your respective server donation payment directly to Torsten & then pm me your shipping details. Once Torsten notifies me of your payment I will start getting these shipped out. I still have a scop x TPM fruit still ripening, the 8 week mark will be on Dec30. In your pm to me indicate if you want me to hold off shipping until I harvest the fruit & include its seeds with your shipment. And THANK YOU for help keeping sab the greatest forum on the internet. Edited: Torsten informed me SPiRALSHiFT's bids weren't showing up as his posts were still under mod review status; I think we're all happy to have him on board.
  13. zelly

    TPM Hybrid Seeds AUCTION

    Updated TPM listings & end date & time.....
  14. zelly

    Removing spines

    i worry not about spines or anything else...toss some soil in a pot, add cutting, then more soil, then stand 4-5 bricks vertical between the cutting & the pot if there's room, if not then big rocks & leave it that way til its rooted. bricks or rocks stabilize the cutting & add warmth to the soil which promotes root growth.
  15. zelly

    Are dichotomic pups a thing ?

    had the same thing occur when the weeping black rot attacked the apical meristem of a new pup turned out to be a blessing in disguise; one branch flowered last yr & the other branch flowered this yr
  16. Perhaps something a bit more feminine such as garters & stockings?
  17. zelly

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    to truly test for self fertile a person would have to isolate or cover the flower to prevent opening prior to all pollinating insects / bats etc retiring for the evening and then covered back up after hand pollination to prevent any further pollination by insects.
  18. zelly

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    in a nutshell, by vibration and frequency.
  19. zelly

    Are Tricho's ever self-fertile?

    In my realm of expereinces, T. spachianus is self fertile and every other trich I've encountered that has flowered has proven to be self infertile.
  20. zelly

    Lophophora varieties

    the answer to your question is yes.
  21. zelly

    What's happened to these?

    tip damage appears to be snail slug or caterpillar
  22. zelly

    CBD Derived from Hops!

    Mid 70's I lived in a major hop producing area & gave it a go, results were unspectacular...more hype than reality
  23. zelly

    Grafting Stock Pros/Cons

    Over the years I've acquired grafted plants on just about every root stock imaginable.......and every damn one of them except one has had issues to the point of scion destruction. Old school graft masters preferred & used harrisia jusberti as a root stock which is the best choice for long term (30+ yrs and counting) grafts.
  24. I would recommend you put the plant in the ground & stop fussing over it. I have the same plant in a flower bed consisting of hard clay soil getting morning sun. It needs pruning every year & flowers & set seeds every year and i ignore it 100%.
  25. Naw, we're still looking for 'true blue', ya know, that 'lost 'true blue' yote........