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  1. Ypsilophora

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Hiya Infinity, Would love to take you up on that fantastically generous offer! I shall offer up an extensive native seed pack: Acacia mearnsii Acacia melanoxylon Allocasuarina littoralis - black sheoak Bulbine bulbosa – bulbine lily Capillipedium parviflorum – Scented-top grass Cassinia aculeata – Common cassinia Cassinia longifolia – Shiny cassinia Clematis aristate – Old Man’s Beard Cullen tenax – Emu-foot Dicanthium sericeum – Silky bluegrass Dodonaea triquetra – Hop bush Dodonaea viscosa – Sticky Hop Bush Elymus scaber – Native wheatgrass Some mixed Eucs Glycine tabacina – Variable glycine Indigofera australis – Austral indigo Leptorhynchos elongatus – Lanky buttons Leptorhynchos squamatus – Scaly buttons Leucochrysum albicans – hoary sunray Plantago varia – Native plantain Podolepis jaceiodes – Copper Wire Daisy Ranunculus lapaceus – Australian buttercup Sorghum leiocladum – Native sorghum Stackhousia monogyna – Creamy candles Vittadinia muellerii – New Holland Daisy Some other things: Little bag of P. harmala German chamomile Common sage Thai basal + anything else that I can find Seed bags will be marked with the initials of the species, ie. CP = Capillipedium parviflorum Note: some of the seed offered isn't from the most recent season; the age of the seed ranges from 2015 - present... although it has been stored in a cool dry room, and will most likely still be viable (if you want I can give them a quick test before sending them off to whoever wants them).
  2. Ypsilophora

    Gimli's Beezness

    That's interesting, hadn't really considered this... but it kinda makes sense, don't really blame really! As a side note, lovely top bar hive
  3. Hmmm... I have also considered this... so I don't have a setup, cause I haven't done it! By memory, I was scared off by the price of a culture... this was a few years ago though, so pricing may have changed. If you end up having a go, keep us updated! Would love to see how it goes!
  4. Ypsilophora

    A quick introduction

    Thanks Evil Glad to be here!
  5. Ypsilophora

    A quick introduction

    A few pictures of our place second pic is a lovely little grove of 10(ish) year old floribunda + longifolia, third is a driveway planting of the same. And a little guest from the other week, very excited to see these guys in our front yard! Thanks all, Yp
  6. Ypsilophora

    A quick introduction

    Since having my account validated I've been meaning to write up a little introduction, but for whatever reason, it just didn't happen. But here we go; slightly later than intended... but better than never! After spending the past year or two reading this forum without ever signing up I finally decided it was well and truly time to do so - so here we are! With both my parents being ecologists, one thing has remained fairly constant throughout my life; a deep interest in plants and fungi, more specifically native species (but definitely not limited to such!) Since a very young age I have been fascinated by medicinal plants... and I probably spent more time than I should have throughout my highschool years scanning my mum's old uni textbooks on medicinal and edible native flora... my schooling definitely suffered, but I believe I have developed a more healthy range of knowledge because of it My current place of residence lies on the SE coast of NSW, and we've spent the last 12ish years transforming it from an overgrazed collection of paddocks into a lovely little refuge for native wildlife. I shall upload some pictures in the next post, I just need to downsize them enough so that I don't get that pesky error message. I also wanted to say a quick thanks to this community for the warm welcome I have already received, especially to Humboldt and Pedro, who started off my collection very generously.
  7. Ypsilophora

    Saffy season?

    The first few weeks of autumn always feel the longest!
  8. Ypsilophora

    Saffy season?

    no luck further south... too damned dry for anything!
  9. Ypsilophora

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    ^this, very very generous of you
  10. Okie... so, whilst exploring some bush on a mates place, around 20km inland on the far south coast NSW, I came across two very odd-looking acacia... seemed to be a few of them; maybe found 5-10 individual plants for the first and quite common for the second. What sparked my interest in number 1, was the sheer SIZE of the phyllodes: 210 x 60 mm and very leathery. They have the typical A. Obtusifolia resin margin and are thick in a similar way, but just seem almost too large? With ID of A. Obtus saying only up to 23mm wide... The second, similarily have INCREDIBLY long phyllodes... measuring over 300mm for some, but only 20mm wide... Anyway, would love it if someone slightly better at plant ID could offer some suggestions? Cheers, Yp Ps. just realised I should probably add a little more info; inflorescences were cylindrical (although not flowering at this point, seems I missed it by a month or two, as still often dried remnants of the flower stalk). Didn’t have my camera with me, so no photos of the tree itself, but in the case of the first species the growth pattern was very similar to A. Obtusifolia down here - quite sparce, with relatively few phyllodes per branch. In the case of the second, much fuller, taller and generally more vigorous growth.
  11. Ypsilophora

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    @Enjaytee Thanks mate! would love to grab number four!
  12. Ypsilophora

    First subs of the season VIC. ANyone else lucky?

    found some earlier at the NSW border area... been wayyy to dry here recently I suspect though
  13. Ypsilophora

    Acacia seeds!

    Ah, oops... should probably specify that the more frost hardy the better!
  14. Ypsilophora

    Acacia seeds!

    Hi! Just wondering what acacia seeds people have that they think I'd be interested in (basically any and all )... As I'm quite new to this whole ethnobotany thingo I don't have much to offer in return... but could probably dig up some native grass seeds or similar, may not be of interest to people, but then again, maybe it will... beyond this there is always cash