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  1. i tend to agree with some current modalities of education.

    i think maths and science should be compulsory. people need to be able to learn to reason, and understand how and why thinks work and make sense. particularly be able to understand statistics and be able to reason out when some thing is bullshit. science works, kids need to learn to make it work for them, and know when they are being told bull by misinterpreted science. im sorry but there is too much hippy shit that gets around, and people get swayed by persuasive arguments rather than straight up science.

    english is essential in order to be able to communicate ideas. i have tutored high school kids and i am incredibly disappointed with the changes in what kids get taught. bring back the classics, shakespeare, ovid, chaucer, nothing younger than 100 years. modern teen books especially are crap.

    i like the point about philosophy and morality being taught from day dot in schools.

    sport needs to be replaced with non competitve activities. meditation, tai chi, building, even hiking incorportated with other activities, plant id and fungi id. activities that teach focus, attention to surroundings.

    primary school needs to be a better balance between learning essential skills, english, maths science, philosophy, but also getting kids to find their passion rather than pushing traditional ideas of getting a job.

    and lastly sociological, psychological, and ecological ideas need to be discussed earlier. my kids got heavy doses of ecological though and marxism at a young age. it has helped them realise the mess we are in, and have a better idea how to face the future, what to buy and why.

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  2. as far as im concerned my thoughts are early december. post exams, pre christmas for me. january is family time. feb is out and then leads into the year......

    i would have though january difficult as its the beginning of the festival circuit.

  3. i guess for what its worth i was trying to encourage interest in other fungi as well, not just psychoactives.

    if your going to spend all that time, money and effort its worth understanding all the other species, edible or not.

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  4. im too busy to be baking cakes these days. so i have one i wont be needing anymore.

    alo incog i have a brugmansia sanguniea for you. i waited till winter to send it to you, now is the best time. you want it still?

  5. be careful with mushroom iconography.

    you can see things in art even though they may not be there. Gordon Wasson did this. seeing mushrooms where there were none.

    also the terrence mckenna bee shaman, archeologists dispute that there is any mushroom iconography implied. and that it was simply kat harrisons personal interpretation.

  6. up untill this year I was not aware of the brown-purple and the black-purple phenotype differences.

    really interesting.

    Those caps are of Psilocybe subaeruginosa

    the one being pointed to is questionable enough to throw away in my opinion. i don't see any bluing on that cap. do you have the stem?