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  1. The Breeze

    Post your native plant pics

    Scaevola Spinescens. Five petal flower reaching out to give you a hand. Common names Maroon bush, Cancer plant , currant bush. I've had a tea from this plant many times and never had any reaction to it. Although illegal to sell in WA because it's poison aparrently but ok to sell cigarettes
  2. I have used builders lime on snails in an orchard. You would need to make a puffer out of plastic bottle. It was very effective at killing them with direct contact.
  3. The Breeze

    Post your native plant pics

    Duboisia Hopwoodie I think. Haven't been game to try it yet. I've dried it to tobacco and was going to crush a bit up with some baking soda to put behind my lip.
  4. The Breeze

    Gastrolobium - The 1080 Plants

    I have had a bit of experience identifying 2 types by there common names. Heart leaf is the most common and was a major problem with stock. Kite leaf is rarer and in the book Wadjarie Wisdom it is said to have been taken for strong pain. Both would be extremely dangerous.
  5. The Breeze

    Post your native plant pics

  6. The Breeze

    Post your native plant pics

    Out in flower at moment