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  1. Can anyone help i.d this plant the leaves remind me of mitragyna species?
  2. sim

    Help with i.d

    Thank you for your time Evil Genius and Micromegas much appreciated!!
  3. sim

    Help with i.d

    Please help with i.d of this succulent?
  4. sim

    Salvia recognita

    Hi all I'm looking for salvia recognita and sally d plant or seed please p.m.
  5. sim

    Wanted Lagochilus inebrians

    Hi all just wondering if anyone has Lagochilus inebrians plant or seed for sale?
  6. sim

    Help with id

    Thanks for your time mate!
  7. sim

    Help with id

    I might pull up a few caps on Monday if still there and add a print to collection. Let me know Freakosystem and Northerner if you would like a print thanks for your help!
  8. sim

    Help with id

    Thank you for your reply I'm very new to mycology. I run into some very interesting looking plants and fungi on the job. So tiny and interesting really didnt want to disturb them!
  9. sim

    Help with id

    Hi all just wondering if anyone can id these babies!
  10. sim

    Looking for prints

    Looking for Gymnopilus Junonius prints please P.M
  11. sim

    Spore prints

    Wanted spore prints
  12. sim

    Ma Huang seed MEGA Pack

    Hi any seeds still available? Cheers Sim
  13. sim

    Acacia giveaway #1

    Hi I would love a new acacia species ! Please count me in if I'm not to late cheers.
  14. Yes please it would be an honour to sow your seeds!!
  15. Looking for khat and kanna plants preferably in A.C.T ,southern n.s.w region but not to important.Please p.m