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  1. TheMooseZeus

    Flora of Australia

    Yeah definitely do - it cant replace the physical thing for me haha Likewise! Will let you know if i come across any doubles. Which do you have and which are you after?
  2. TheMooseZeus

    Flora of Australia

    Hey all! Just started an ambitious quest in hunting down all volumes of Flora of Australia, (5 so far...) If anyone has any volumes lying around, collecting dust or looking for a better home please let me know - they are about as in-depth as i can find when it comes to identification! Thanks so much everyone!
  3. TheMooseZeus

    After wild A. floribunda seeds!

    fyzygy is right and also i've found cultivated floribunda to be less hardy
  4. Hey all! Been a while since i'be been active I'm after some Acacia floribunda seeds taken from wild plants (on properties etc) I seem to have misplaced all mine Happy to $$ or trade if there's anything you're after! Thanks!
  5. TheMooseZeus

    B caapi variegation?

    to answer my own question... any updates on the virus that causes it? cheers!
  6. TheMooseZeus

    B caapi variegation?

    Hey all I cant tell if this caapi vine is variegated and heathy or it has some sort of disease. It looks good but id hate to ignore it if it was an issue! cheers
  7. TheMooseZeus

    P. cyanescens on a Banksia

    Here's an interesting picture shared by Crime pays but botany doesn't, on Instagram https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3CBOpT2-NRvoc2ecFMDCsA
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Lions mane myc or yeast contam

    Okay, thats great to know. I just shook it (Not sure if this was a mistake) and ill wait for it to return to how it was and ill transfer to some hard wood pellets or something similar Thanks!
  9. TheMooseZeus

    Lions mane myc or yeast contam

    Does full colonisation look completely white?
  10. TheMooseZeus

    Lions mane myc or yeast contam

    Hey all! I did a grain to grain transfer of lions mane and all jar turned out with faint wispy strands. I've heard this isnt unlike lions mane myc
  11. TheMooseZeus

    Coordinated flushes

    Thank you so much, you managed to decode my post pretty well haha! I never realised how much genetics would play a role so i'll have to have a play around with clones etc Cheers!
  12. TheMooseZeus

    Coordinated flushes

    Hey all! Through all my fungal projects i have never noticed "flushes". Growth seems to be uncoordinated - if i were to harvest as soon as the mature fruit was ready i would be harvesting some under developed fruit with them. I was hoping someone could tell me what conditions should be met to coordinate flushes. Thanks again guys!
  13. TheMooseZeus

    Splitting monotub tek?

    Exciting news! Why isn't it more widely practiced? I've even heard people say its easier to start from scratch than to feed a monotub haha
  14. TheMooseZeus

    Day 5 cobweb mould :(

    Sure did! Thanks for reminding me to make an update - it didn't spread any further than the picture and the tub was A-OK!
  15. TheMooseZeus

    Splitting monotub tek?

    Hey all! Haven't seen much on splitting a colonised but healthy monotub and mixing with fresh substrate... Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Cheers!