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  1. Happy to enter! i have never grafted before but know how and acquiring pere shouldn't be a problem for me EDIT: I can delete this if i don't qualify Will do what Halcyon Daze suggested and give 50/50 to 2nd place
  2. Happy birthday! (Its late, sorry!) I'm still new here so i hope i get to know you better
  3. Oh! i mean i see pictures of it online, i'll have to get some pereskiopsis sometime
  4. I've never thought of using dragon fruit before! Just out of interest, whats the bottom picture you're using as a graft stock? I see the plant a lot and i'm not sure of its name
  5. Yeah! I like to think i'm open minded but come on mate! Also thelema, please respond to your cryptic PM you sent me. Im so confused
  6. I started growing turmeric for this reason, The plants are still taking off so i'll be interested to know/ notice some effects.
  7. I'd love some! Happy to offer an opinion too
  8. Keep it wet, right?
  9. Can i PM you when it comes to graphting? I've never attempted it before
  10. Exciting update! I reckon i dropped it in the tub i was planting the others in, one sprouted in an odd place and it looks promising EDIT: False alarm
  11. Glad to hear it! i should have checked that site before. I would love to visit it one day
  12. This shows that the best times to harvest P. viridis are 6 am and 6 pm. (Sunrise and sunset) I was wondering if we could correlate/compare data such as the activity of insects in a 24 hours period or humidity percentages etc. (bearing in mind that this plant was in the jungle) Original source - Pic was taken from the Herbalistic instagram
  13. Hey! My obtusifolia has suddenly turned red in the older leaves and yellow in the newer ones, can anyone tell me whats happening and if i need to fix it? Cheers!
  14. It's better. I've covered it over so if its still happening, something spooky is going on