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  1. Bringing up a really old thread here, but was going a bit of research and what was the consensus on Nuytsia floribunda? Is it to be used by itself? EDIT: Old thread for a reason, this plant is sacred to the Nyungar people, I have no right to talk about it publicly
  2. Oh wow, interesting
  3. Bit of a noob but what is BAP?
  4. This is true! I there wasn't much hype around it but i heard something. Its pretty sweet. The FDA wants more weed in the US and fewer opiates... Things are looking up
  5. Such a shame :/ Not worth the risk for an aesthetic plant thats for sure. It's too freaking weird that the plant that doesn't get you high is illegal, thats just crazy to think about
  6. Hey all! This thought came up after a comment in another thread but i didnt want to go too off topic. Is it legal to grow plant and grow food grade hemp seed in Aus? I've always loved the look of the plant and would love to have a legal substitute around -Cheers all!
  7. This may be a little off topic but purely out of interest, what happens if you plant shop bought hemp seeds? I imagine you're breaking the law but do they sprout? Are they denatured in some way?
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply! A friend of mine ordered me some fresh seeds not long ago even though it was out of season. I planted them and am still waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. I'll keep trying when i get the opportunity, i just love growing things from seed hahaha I use the same plastic trays with the lids i just dont have them under lights, they're outdoors
  9. See you man, have a great one
  10. Longifolia for sure, every year i forget how vibrant their flowers are although they lack in medicinal properties they make up for it in vibrance
  11. Hey! I'm looking at getting a new lens for my 10" Dobsonian. The 5mm lens im looking at doesn't reach the maximum magnification (by 260) i can get and with the 3x barlow lens it exceeds it (by 220) The 2.3mm lens ever so slightly exceeds the max magnification (by 23x) and obviously shouldn't be used with the 3x barlow lens. I think i will invest in a 2x barlow lens and go with the 5mm lens i just wanted an opinion on how drastic the change in image quality would be if i exceeded the magnification by 23x -Thanks so much!
  12. I'm going to wait for a few more plants in stock to save on shipping
  13. Thank you!
  14. Woah thats cheap! Thank you so much for remembering too! Means a lot. I'm going to order one now :D Are you able to order it?
  15. I got a little over excited and used just potting mix on these guys, oops. Ill be sure to cover them up too