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  1. Hi friends, first time posting I'm sitting here broken hearted. Our feed shed and my greenhouse were both destroyed during a crazy storm last week, loosing most my plant collection. I'm foremost an orchid and fern collector and I've got people in various groups helping me get most of the plants I lost. Hard to replace giant 60yo epiphytes though.I'm very keen on ferns and orchids if anyone has any. Nature gives, and she takes. that's part of life. I'm also obsessed with collecting ethno plants. I'm looking for whatever's out there. I have various interesting ethno seeds to trade plus very rare plant tube stock survived(PM me) that was sheltered at the time. I'm happy to pay or trade, just let me know what you've got. Time to start again and time for a better greenhouse. Thanks for reading
  2. crazzyeddy

    Mushroom prints for microscopy

    Swaps for other strains? Z strain and blue meanie strain cubensis prints atm. In process of trying to get spores from Illawarra region strain, which is the strongest cube I've ever seen. It's like no other cube I've seen, looks so different moderator edit
  3. crazzyeddy

    Free large plants - wgong

    Hey mate, what have you got left? I've got something interesting I can trade you
  4. crazzyeddy

    mystery trichocereus mix seed giveaway

    Hi there, any seeds left. I have a few things I can trade
  5. crazzyeddy

    Voacanga africana (Ghana) seeds giveaway

    Hey buddy, are you sending from USA?
  6. crazzyeddy

    Prints n swabs to giveaway

    Noooooo, got sooo many awesome close ups of subs last year with my SLR but can't find the folder.
  7. crazzyeddy

    Pineapple Sage. Mature plants

    Hey buddy I've been looking for pineapple sage.