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    Wet areole competition (NSFW)

    Check out those nips
  2. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    Second up was modeled after the most over priced piece of pvc the internet offered. How they can charge $400-$700 for one of these blows my mind. it was much more affordable to whip one up in the skunk works shed. This one is set up to seed 288 cell trays, I will be making one for 200 cell trays too. Soon I will have a sea of these beautiful trays!!!!!!
  3. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    sup guys n gals thought i would dump some project pictures to get my feet wet........... enjoy the funk
  4. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    I've been hitting the skunk works shop pretty hard this week finishing up some projects. First up is modeled after a few popular rooting products. I plan on using it for Pere, various fruit bushes and trees, and p.v.
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    A few more catching their stride
  6. Jackdaripper


    Got a few plants showing growth!!!! This is my first year with a full season greenhouse. Needless to say this is going to be the most exciting season of growth ive ever experienced! I will be sure to post like a madman Huanucoensis N1 Eileen
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    Isn't that just the best feeling!!!
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    Most of these plants started showing signs of waking up on tuesday 22nd. Im unsure if these woke up because spring was here or if it was because I bumped my nightime temps to 58°f. Next year I will try and not do that on the same week as spring and update my findings
  9. Jackdaripper


    Jules x op Kk 2150 Huarazensis Ss02 x huancabamba Riomezquensis Huancabamba
  10. Jackdaripper

    Some Grafts being made today

    Big booty judy. Odd growth ario asteras
  11. Jackdaripper

    Drying cuts with rooting hormone ?

    I use the combo on all of my cuts. Then straight into my rooting bed. Water after 2 weeks
  12. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    The best part of waking up, is ogun in your cup!
  13. Jackdaripper

    Post your Smallest grafts here if you dare

    By no means my smallest....... but damn is it gonna be nice. From a batch of varigated astro asterias. Eventhough this one isn't showing the varigated trait it's easy to see why it's here
  14. Jackdaripper

    Cactus Arizona Nursery Upgrade!

    Is that an extra layer of landscaping fabric in your pots?
  15. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    Thank you for the kind words inyan. I tried out your parafilm micro grafting tek today. We will see how it goes
  16. Jackdaripper

    JDR's cash

    My recent project. Up potted into 15 gallon pots they have 9.5 ft to grow from the soil line. I can't wait to see how thick these plants get! FRONT Kk 2150 Haurazensis P.v. Eileen BACK Melted wax N1 Psycho0xN1 KGC There is also some really nice smaller cuts in there and lots of succulents
  17. Jackdaripper


    The thing im most excited about is this was the first winter that these plants didnt get the closet treatment. I can hardly wait to see what kind of growth that thing puts on in the GH. Everything was going dormant when i finished up my gh so i have no clue what kind of changes im going to see! A little background for everyone. Ive got multiples of alot of these plants and like to put them in drastically different conditions around my house to see how different light and temperature conditions effect girth/color/spination. Again i will be posting pictures of that this summer
  18. Here are a few more psycho0xN1 that i have in my rooting bed. They were all around 20 inches. I tipped and stumped them for further propagation so i could spread the love. In 3 weeks these things will be intoxicating to look at. i just got done talking with a mutual friend/collector of the original owner of the plants. the psycho0xN1 were germinated almost immediately after receiving them. the rest of the beans were germinated a little over 3 years ago
  19. One thing is for sure though..... he didnt reglect his psycho0xN1 seedlings. These are my 2 favorite of the 17 that that ive kept
  20. The story of the M 1-4 is a sad sad story. I recieved all of these seedlings from a nooker that had to give up his cacti collecting days. When i recieved them they were over 2 years old and extremely neglected they didnt look much older than a few months. They were germinated in sand from a hardware store. Planted in 2-6 packs. 4 of the cells had lost their labels so when i re planted i labeled them 1-4. The only genetics that arnt accounted for are tpm x (ss02xpachanoi) (sso2xpachanoi) x tpm Tpc x juules & (ss02xpachanoi) Ive attempted to contact my friend to see if he ever even germinated those genetics but havent heard back from him and even if i do its now likely impossible to know whats what. This is quite sad because 2 of the highest mutation rates were in m1 and m4 So thats my not very interesting and very unfortunet story of the m
  21. I can hop on that train!
  22. hey zelly, i was just wondering if you thought mallachts Psycho0xN1 (on ebay) was fishy at all. i grew them from seed and still have 17 in my collection, some things dont seem right. the first red flag was its girth. i wrote that off because im well aware of the powers of grafting. the second red flag was the spinage. like i said above i have grown alot of plants from this seed batch and in 5 different locations in 2 different towns in everything from indoors to full sun. red flag number 3 was that the cut is mislabeled (N1xPsycho0) in one of the pictures on his ebay post. with these points in consideration a few days ago i private messaged tyler and he is giving me some really sketchy attempts on verifying authenticity. now im not saying the guy is a liar but i am saying its possible that he got ripped off when purchasing his cut. i was wondering if you could go check it out if you havent seen it already and give an opinion thanks, JDR
  23. Jackdaripper

    Pics from Japanese Plants. Enjoy it!

    Those plants are unreal
  24. Jackdaripper

    Pics from Japanese Plants. Enjoy it!

    Im in love