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  1. BigHeart13

    A true survivor....

    Curious to see how this one goes in the future. I have some pretty gnarly looking specimens as well but nothing near as bad as that lol
  2. BigHeart13

    a southern cactus garden

    Epic thread! I don't even know what to say other than I'm beyond jealous.
  3. BigHeart13

    SG open - WORLDWIDE trich seed giveaway

    I received my seeds yesterday, thanks again to Pimento and Mr. X! You guys rock, I'm going to plant these next week on my time off and will post updates.
  4. BigHeart13

    Post awesome gifs here

    These are awesome! Are you going to make more someday?
  5. BigHeart13

    Desert island kitchen implement

    I read this thread originally as more like "what are some cool kitchen gadgets you can't do without?" .... not "what is the single best survival tool?"
  6. BigHeart13

    Desert island kitchen implement

    A good quality can opener is a must have in my opinion. This is the one I use and I absolutely love it, it doesn't leave any sharp edges and always takes the top right off no problem or struggle. Mine is green but otherwise the same http://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-Deluxe-Safety-Lifter/dp/B00004R8ZD
  7. BigHeart13

    please delete

    Have you sent any to the US yet? If so, was there any trouble with customs? Also, how much did it cost to ship?
  8. BigHeart13

    Zelly is in the hospital

    Hope you're all healed up well by now. I bought some seeds from you several months ago but have yet to plant them but I'm slowly getting around to it I think lol. Thank you for your service, and take care of yourself. My grandpa also was in Vietnam, he just passed away last month at the age of 75 after battling throat cancer for a year. I suspect Agent Orange as a likely culprit. Anyways take care of yourself, I look forward to ordering some more seeds when you get a new batch up for sale.
  9. BigHeart13

    How long can you store pollen?

    When you say as cold as possible do you mean in the freezer?
  10. BigHeart13

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    What exactly do you guys think makes this clone deserve it's own name? Is it the longer than normal spines? It basically looks just like many of my bridgesii do except it has a little bit longer spines but that can be affected more by the climate and sunlight than genes.
  11. BigHeart13

    any suggestions on how to fix this pachanoi?

    I agree with the other posters, bigger pot and lots of water should swell that baby up over time.
  12. I don't want to get into all of the things he is alleged to have said or done, but I will say that I have purchased from him several times and never had any real issues other than the one time he apparently forgot my order and after I reminded him he threw in an extra couple of cuttings. No one else on ebay sells full sized, fully rooted trichs for a reasonable price like he does, and I know that because I have about 10 "saved searches" on ebay that give me notifications on my smartphone everytime someone posts a cactus that matches the terms so I literally see probably 95% of the trichocereus that go up for sale on ebay in the US. Maybe he is an asshole through and through, I don't know but my personal experience has been pure business and no one else is offering up much in the way of real competition to him at the moment. I know this doesn't apply to all of you in other countries though, I feel like it's harder to find reasonably priced trichs in the US than it is in Australia or Europe.
  13. BigHeart13

    Comparison Trichocereus Riomizquensis & PC Pachanoi

    I'm up for it, how long does it stay fertile? In a few months i should have some flowers going on, can't make any promises though but last year they flowered and they were just rooting at that time so I'm hoping for gobs of flower buds this year but probably not until august or september.
  14. BigHeart13

    People we get to know through cacti

    Loved reading this story I also find PC pachanoi to be quite attractive and feel they get too much negative attention considering how hardy and fast growing they are they more than make up for their shortcomings in some areas.
  15. BigHeart13

    Cactus flowering photo heavy 2015

    These flowers are awesome man, so good. I'm definitely going to have to look into trying to source some Setiechinopsis now, it blows my mind that they can produce such massive flowers comparable to their size