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  1. Hey there, sorry I haven't been on here for a while and just saw your comment. I'm in central vic. hope you found what you were looking for :)

  2. Acacia 13 where abouts in Vic are you? I'm super keen to go hunting and in Northern VIC on the border. There's oodles of fungi out there I've photographed, I just can't find any of the golden kind.
  3. Psili Soarer

    Does anyone need a new friend?

    I have two turtles too, aren't they the best. And I am the other 74% crazy ;)
  4. Psili Soarer

    Australian melatonin supplements (question)

    Pretty sure you require a script here. I know this isn't the most reputable source however there is an article from the Dr Oz Show which talks about melatonin and how it does not work for sleep. I looked into melatonin during a period where I had difficulty sleeping. I discussed options with my GP. He said that you should not use melatonin supplements as it can prevent you producing your own. Upon researching the side effects I came across the Dr Oz article and I think it's important you look at it and into the full extent of the side effects from giving your brain artificial stuff that haven't been tried enough. . .
  5. Psili Soarer

    cannabinoid hyperemesis

    I have come across it a couple of times in my work over the last 12 months. Both patients report the only ease of symptoms is showering and one patient in particular masturbated to rid himself of the symptoms also. I have heard of some patients showering so long they used the hospital's hot water supply. It is a real condition, which thankfully does not affect everyone. Unfortunately not a great deal is known. I have attached two articles a colleague send me a while back for those interested. It is an interesting little symptom. cannabinoid-hyperemesis-syndrome.pdf cannabis hyperemesis.pdf
  6. Psili Soarer

    Giveaway : Last of my spring sowing

    I'd be interested in some seeds please
  7. Psili Soarer

    Seed giveaway (& sub prints)

    I believe I just sent you my address? If you didn't get it let me know and I'll try again
  8. Psili Soarer

    Seed giveaway (& sub prints)

    Just wondering if there are any sub prints left? If so may I please have one?