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    When I die

    I'd like to be recycled the way I've been recycling road kill over the years, no not eating them but if that's what's required....no really I fertilise the fruit trees with them and any pets that have died, just scrape the grass away , sprinkle some lime, put the animal on top of lime, sprinkle some more lime, cover with sawdust at least 150mm then cover with a cage to stop dogs surprising the family with the rotting corpse of Fido . Works a treat.
  2. TFO

    Define God

    At the moment it's a bit of moldivite inside my pillow
  3. TFO

    Carlos Castaneda thread

    I think his books contained a lot of truth , as in shamanic / Sorcerous practices by which I mean , ways to break social conditioning and from there to percieve different realities . I didn't know Carlos so I've got no opinion of the guy , we have to be careful not to fall into the cult of personality and believing we know someone through what we read , although as already noted Carlos seemed to fall prey (and I mean it literally ) to self importance if he ever really escaped it. His books are a important first step, reading them and applying the methods truthfully will result in a remove from the present reality that everyone else inhabits , well that was /is my experience anyway.
  4. I saw I min min light about a year ago with two others, it was a flickering flame just bobbing along about ?10 metres? Above our heads, damn it was out there , I was the only one with a chem floating through me but very low amount by that stage 25years ago some fungi and I collided which resulted in my consciousness expanding so much as I walked down the street I FELT EVERYTHING I passed , man , sensory overload then someone shoved a frangipani into my face and ...................................
  5. Freedom from the known by krishnamurti , his views on relationships set me free . Spectrum of consciousness by ken wilber , Carlos castenedas books , audio books of ram dass , I too enjoyed radix crayz , the list could go on ..................