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  1. OneEyeAscension

    Potential Future migratory/dispersion patterns

    When I flew over Adelaide last year I saw and took photos of a desert of arid farmland. I've always been worried about Australia's climate, it already had such a delicate ecosystem before the European settlers (the majority of forest being along the coast), and that's exactly where civilisation decided it would park its cities and wipe out most of the remaining land for agriculture. Utter madness. This place will be fairly inhospitable soon if the government doesn't step in and get some reforestin' happening. Which wont, because who's to profit?
  2. OneEyeAscension

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    Oh boy hope I"m not too late
  3. OneEyeAscension

    300 post giveaway

    Best Givaway EVA!! Count me in sire!
  4. OneEyeAscension

    B Caapi plant wanted

    I'm looking to sell one of my caapi plants, I've collected too many just to realize I can't look after them properly anymore. I can sell you a caapi (red) which is rooted but still quite small. PM me if interested
  5. OneEyeAscension

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    Where abouts is everyone meeting?
  6. OneEyeAscension

    Giveaway : Last of my spring sowing

    Yeash please
  7. OneEyeAscension

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    Might come along and give away my acacia acuminata babies... i have too many to look after now.
  8. OneEyeAscension

    Spring Cleanout GIVEAWAY

  9. OneEyeAscension


    Every time I've been to an Osteopath, they've managed to fix me up where no-one else could. First time I went to one, I had lost all sight in my left eye as a kid at school had thrown a stick into it quite brutally. My mum had taken me to an eye specialist, and $200 later was told there was nothing to be done and I'd have to wear glasses for the rest of my life. Thank god she decided to conclude 'fuck that' and looked for other alternatives. She found an Osteopath with 30 years of experience and within two months of treatment my eyesight was completely restored. I remember sitting on the treatment table with this osteopath gently cupping my eyeball with the tips of his fingers, and I felt a very strange sucking sensation like his hand was some kind of freaky quantum vacuum cleaner. About a year ago I had totally ruined my lower back from doing a heavy deadlift and could barely walk without crying out in pain. This persisted for over 3 months until I had enough. Over this period, I had spent over $800 (total) in physiotherapy treatments from a range of recommended practitioners to find that none of it was helping (even a highly renowned sport physio). I saw Doctors who I could tell straight away had no fucking clue what they were talking about. So I decided to see a Craniosacral osteopath who teaches at my college with over 50 years experience. I recieved ONE treatment from her, the next day I was in excruciating pain and didn't even get out of bed. The following day the pain was completely gone and my lower back has never hurt since. Love ya all <3
  10. Over the past two years I've been growing different types of Acacia's from seed in pots and giving them away to people who can plant them out on their properties as I have insufficient land on my property for more trees. I love watching them grow (they're freaking gorgeous) & believe I'm making a positive contribution to the environment and everything within. Their potential as an entheogen also has my interest ;) Getting to my point...I've currently got 15 young trees growing and over 100 more seeds I'm going to germinate but can't really plant them anywhere at home. I'm thinking about planting them out in the wild and hoping that they'll survive on their own. - What can I do to give them the best odds of survival? Ie. Location, transplanting age, watering, mulching to retain soil moisture etc Any other recommendations/suggestions are welcome. Cheers folks OEA
  11. OneEyeAscension

    Plant consciousness

    I swear I've developed a deep bond with my plants aswell. Woke up this morning and went outside to check my Caapi and Psychotria Viridis, and to my dismay, their leaves were drooping for the first time since I've been looking after them (few months). I checked their soil only to find it was still moist so I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with them. I hesitated on watering them as I didn't want them waterlogged in this cold weather so I went back inside to finish having breakfast. When I came back outside to check up on them a mere 10 minutes later, their leaves had all perked up again as if they had 'woken up'. I was a little shocked at such a dramatic and coincidental change. But yeah man, definitely feel what you're saying about the soul-less food we eat these days. I mean, all the nutrients are there, but there just seems to be something missing. I talk alot to people who will never understand me about the importance of working with nature to cater for our needs (a symbiotic relationship) where our love and effort into looking after them is transformed into the food we eventually eat - it just sounds like good food to me you're basically eating love. This is especially true when you are growing your own entheogens.
  12. OneEyeAscension

    Advice for Trich seedlings

    I had the same problem with my first batch. Your soil is probably too compacted. Don't bother transplanting them at this stage, quite a few will die. Keep it relatively humid and give them plenty of indirect sunlight and they should pick themselves up after a few months - if not, you can poke a 1cm hole in the soil and drop them in (root first obviously) and lightly pack them in. The stem that is in the ground will die but the plant will be secure and continue growing. At this stage I would not let the soil dry out. They need to have moist soil for approx another 6 months. Best of Luck!
  13. OneEyeAscension

    No hibernation this winter...

    All my B caapi and Psychotria are still throwing out new sets of leaves...it still reaches 5-10 degrees at night but they don't seem to mind. (they're outside in part shade) Quite happy with their growth I must say
  14. OneEyeAscension

    my B Caapi is a little sad - advice?

    Does Caapi grow well in full shade? Sorry for off-topic question
  15. OneEyeAscension

    Mimosa hostilis?

    Uhh I can get my hostillis to curl up its leaves if I prod it enough.