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  1. Mime


    He's type one and only 2 years old... The best thing you can probably do for him at that age is get him an insulin pump (pricy, byt basic private health insurance has to cover it). When he's older, and can better understand what's going on/ can tell you is he's in trouble, then maybe start looking at other things
  2. Mime

    Spore Prints

    Still looking for bioluminecent species... I'm assuming they're legal to cultivate, and if so if anyone has a culture they'd be willing to sell me, that would be cool. I am only looking for prints or cultures of bioluminecent or edible species that are legal to cultivate.
  3. Mime


    I saw some at the fruit shop yesterday, I can get a few if any one wants to try to get them to sprout.
  4. Mime

    Spore Prints

    Hi, Im looking for some spore prints to play with. Some biolumnecent species would be cool, or some edibles.
  5. I have Sprouts! (as of 4 days ago) Now to try to keep them safe from the dogs...
  6. I've planted my first lot, but haven't had any sprout yet.
  7. Mime

    New Trichocereus clone competition

    While I do think my penis is quite impressive, I have been told that it is infact a tenor saxophone and not a reproductive organ. Now that I think of it, it is rather shiny...
  8. Mime

    Need a small vial

    $2 shops often have small vials for sale quite cheap (I know you're sorted now, but it might be useful to know in the future). =)
  9. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't just be purchased for the purpose of collecting blood for the garden.
  10. Mime

    Glow in the dark log project

    I'd be very interested in buying a culture from you.
  11. Mime

    Glow in the dark log project

    This is awesome. I've found some kits on ebay from the USA, but have no idea if this kind of thing is allowed to be brought into the country. Any one know if they'd make it through customs?
  12. The Lorax -Dr seuss A Sand County Almanac -Aldo Leopold Silent Spring -Rachel Carson In that order. I'd like to say they've inspired me to try to change the world, but mostly they left me with an overwhelming sense of doom and hopelessness. They probably didn't change things for the better. Also Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, because they make me happy.