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    From the album: cordyceps

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    Edible Cultures for Sale Australia

    Nice collection ace1928. Can i entice you out of hibernation. i have selected a good number from your list. it should make it worthwhile I have spare slants to trade of Black Poplar (Agrocybe Aegerita) Morel (Morchella Angusticeps) lions Mane (Hericium Coralloides) i have a good number of others, but need to test grow these isolates before i can offer out. Here is my wish list. i am after fresh plates, that have not grown to the outer edge. a centimetre of growth is fine. happy to pay fast post. *Pearl Oyster *Monster - Victorian Origin Wild Pearl Oyster *Victorian Blue Oyster *Sordid Blewit - Lepista sordida *Maitake *Black Morel (morchella importuna) *Hon-Shimeji/Beech *Paddy Straw *Pink Oyster *Golden Oyster *White Ferula (pleurotus nebrodensis) *Milky Mushroom (calocybe indica)
  4. The supermarket is a great way to get your hands on cultures cheaply. i have done so a number of times with great success. as Maximit says myc is generally white. Here is a swiss brown mushroom from the supermarket, growing on peroxide agar. this is the second transfer. The browning in this plate is the fungi's metabolites that showed up as the myc got towards the edge of the plate, but started pure white. peroxide agar is the way to go. great for wild mushroom as well. Here is a good read on this peroxide tec. http://jontrot.free.fr/champignons/culture-eau-oxygenee-Vols1-2new.pdf
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    wild mushrooms

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    swiss brown.JPG

    From the album: wild mushrooms

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    Mushroom culture confusion

    To the question is sequencing techniques the only way to determine a genetic difference. My thoughts are if you put the 2 cultures in question, on agar and they were the same. then they would grow together seamlessly. and if they were different there would be a division of some sort. just like a multi spore inoculation on agar, sectors can be seen.
  8. Polyporus versicolor http://www.aussimushroomsupplies.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_127&product_id=241 Ganoderma lucidum https://www.miltonmushrooms.com.au/store/p11/Reishi_culture_(Ganoderma_lucidum).html i would love to get my hands on Cordyceps militaris as well.
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    Lion's Mane Supplements

    you can get grain spawn here but is Hericium Coralloides not Hericium erinaceus. Can any one tell me has Hericium Coralloides the same benfits as Hericium erinaceus. http://www.aussimushroomsupplies.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_127&product_id=677 i grew Hericium erinaceus from a culture i got from someone here. i would love get my hands on it again.
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    Lion's Mane Supplements

    Host Defence (search ebay) is the company that stamets grow for or owns, and would be the most reputable. they have a high price tag, but when worked out on a daily cost it less than cup of coffee. I do not have experience in the usage but. Reishi is my mushroom favourite. i have been taking Reishi for over 18 months now and have not even sniffle this winter and have experienced many other benefits. there are some good suppliers of mushrooms in India that sell caps or in powder forms. just as a note when stated 13:1 or 10:1 extract, this is the amount of mushroom in one part of product. eg 10:1 = 10gms of mushroom in 1gm of product
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    microscopy prints wanted

    I am after a Cubensis print for microscopy. don't have a lot to trade. just getting back into it. These maybe of interest to someone. or i can add $20 to my $50 intended donation to this forum. any old non-viable prints, of this au species will do.
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    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    I love my walks in the bush. Not only do I get to enjoy all the sights, smells and sounds. I also get a great form of exercise. ducking and weaving through the scrub, crawling over and under logs, jumping over creeks, up and down hills across uneven, unstable and slippery terrain..... ok point made. over 3 months in a area of about 1km x .5km over 50 different mushrooms found. here are some of my favourites.
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    2018 Winter shroom pilgrimage.

    go to this page there are 9 pdf's. https://www.fncv.org.au/fungi-in-australia/ i have on my tablet that i carry in my back pack. very handy. enjoy
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    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    yep there are some yellow and orange ones. this is the closest to purple, i have found. this afternoon in fact. i think maybe lepisa nuda. doing a print at the moment.
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    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    lucky i dont stand in that. the younger this mushroom is the more it looks like wombat poo. a solid green when its at the button stage. also found these growing on about 50 trees, could have filled a ute.
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    Eating A. muscaria?

    had 50 grow around a birch tree this year. they put on a display for a over a month. in first flush, there was a dozen in a 4 square meter area. after that they poped up all around the tree.
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    my reishi rocket

    12 months trying to get this culture. now that I have its blown me out at how fast this fungi is. I received the culture on the 11 June and drop on agar plates that night. on the 19 June onto grain. on the 30 June onto the substrate. on the 7 July I open them up to fruit. now here is some pics from today. I sort of, expected colonisation to be quick and fruiting to take up to 8 weeks because, this is what I have read. I hope to see them keep growing at this rate for 8 weeks or am I dreaming. do they slow down now that they are into the conk forming stage? anyone know? anyway I am excited 39 days from start till now.
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    Popcorn method

    yep that's one of the draw backs of wheat, having to wash it so much. but if soak for 1/2 hr, before washing it, saves some water . when cooking, stirring from the start and more often will give a more even hydration and lessons the chance of grains splitting.
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    Popcorn method

    with wheat, soak 24hrs with gypsum (1 table spoon gypsum per 2 litre of dry grain) then heat to almost boiling point. Then kick back to a simmer until the grain is fully hydrated (about 10 min). this is when the white in the grain goes from dry flour to moist. then dump in a sieve while still hot and toss until the steam disappears. then grains will be dry on the outside and moist on the inside. 2 1/2 litres of dry wheat easily fills 4x 1/2 gallon jars.
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    Popcorn method

    gypsum works, but making sure the grain is also dry before you jar up and presser cook is a must. I use wheat, and have no trouble with clumps or sticking together. except for when I got a bad bag, that had a heap of broken damaged grains, 20% I guessed. the sugars leach out when cooked, stuck to the outside of the grains and made shaking jars a nightmare. the bags was marked premium, more like premium crap. well next door got 2 free bags of wheat for there chooks and the feed supply mob let me open bagsto check now.
  21. lindsay

    Noob question: Contam?

    5 different strains, can give you a variety of different growth, faster slower thicker woollier. even in the same type of mushroom. I would number the jars, keep notes, it may helpful selecting good strains of this mushroom again. maybe one just got off to better start. maybe contam, may not,
  22. saved a crow today and I felt good about it. ok before anybody says "what a crow", no a raven. ravens are the smartest bird in the sky. they are smarter than pigs and dogs and as smart as monkeys. well this guy was not that smart today. found him in the bottom of a 200 litre plastic drum we keep milk in for the calves, up to his shoulders in milk, looking like a drowned rat. He must have been getting the dry crusty bits of milk that was sticking to the sides and slipped in. he was looking quite tired and greasy from fat in the milk. so i grabbed a bottle of water from the car, that had warmed up from sitting in there all day and washed, what crap of I could off. still to wet to fly I sat him on a fence post to dry in the sun and get his energy back. I am not going into this cool give away because A. i have no proof and B. there are cooler things to be done. like selling or giving away fresh vegies out of a car boot in Woolworths car park.
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    'dont feed after midnight' strain super grow

    Yes very nice work luke real sexy looking flush.
  24. lindsay

    What is everyones favourite/prefferred filter

    glove boxes can be hit and miss, at the best of times. and this depends on how they are constructed and how you manage and work in them. lets assume your pressure cooker is getting to pressure and your jars are getting the time in there for the size of jar you use. scalpel also goes through the cook wrapped in foil. so every thing in the cooker until the cooker drops its pressure is sterile the cooker as it cools will be sucking in air from out side and the jars will be doing the same, but through a filter. using some polyfil soaked in isopropanol or Metho wrapped around the release valve can stop contams being sucked in. glove boxes can be totally sealed with gloves taped in them or unseal with holes you slip you arms into. remember once you arms are in these unsealed types and you pull you your arm out just a little bit, air will be sucked in equal to the volume of arm you pull out. having positive air pressure pushed in through a filter can stop this. vacuum hepa filters work well for this, (8-10 bucks ebay). my procedure was to load every thing in, to one side then when my hands were in and cleaned I would spray a air spray disinfectant all around. one side of the glove box is clean down first, then all items were cleaned one by one and placed to the clean side. then the other side is cleaned down. another spray with that air stuff and another wash of the hands and I was good to go. avoid any fast movements that may stir up any contams into the air. in my opinion it would rare that disc filters or polyfil filters being were the contams are getting in. its more likely to be the environment, technique or the original culture.
  25. lindsay

    What is everyones favourite/prefferred filter

    I use the filter discs that Migraineur uses, as well for all my grain jars. what they are made of I don't know. polyfil worked well back when I started, I would drill a 6-8mm hole in the lid and then roll up a tight wad and shove it tight in the hole. Disc are quick and ezi and can be used for, almost forever. wow 40% cantam is high. do you use a flowhood and do your filters go into autoclave? hope we can pin point were your contams are making there way in. so you can enjoy more fruits of your labour.