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  1. Hi guys, This is a question for people who've actually tried ayahuasca. After many months of searching, I've finally been invited to an ayahuasca ceremony. However, after getting the invite (about two days later) some personal problems arose, and I now feel a bit down about them (and anxious here and there I guess). I live in Australia and that's where this session will be taking place. Australian ayahuasca sessions are different to the South American ceremonies in that there isn't a shaman who's singing Icaros and calling on the tree spirits to deliberately bring up negativity within you so you deal with it. There's ambient music playing (which I'm hoping will have a calming effect, conducive to spiritual exploration). There's a facilitator who basically ensures you're safe (who's usually completed an apprenticeship with a South American shaman), and leaves you alone in the circle to experience the ayahuasca without interference. In your experience, if you've had ayahuasca in this setting, should I be worried that my current (sad) state of mind may deliver me a nightmarish five-hour experience? I'm really mostly in this to finally see and feel the spirit realm for myself (beyond third dimension intuition) and to explore myself for spiritual growth. I know as part of this, negativity will be purged (and as I have mild OCD, I was expecting negativity anyway). But, should I avoid the whole thing for now if I'm feeling sad?
  2. Thanks Chrissy, I don't yet have the ability to send private messages (as I'm new), but feel free to send me one so I can respond.
  3. Ok, here goes. I believe we're all fragments of energy (or souls) that come from the one source energy that wanted to explore its own consciousness. I think that we know right from wrong innately because that conciousness is always there within us. That we go home feeling guilty after we are hurtful to someone because we actually hurt ourselves. That one day we're all going back to the source, with all the knowledge of everything we've all learnt as one (including that of other beings in the universe). I believe we deliberately choose to forget who we are as part of the human experience and that our overall purpose on earth (over many many thousands of years) is to remember who we are and learn to become adept at harnessing our psychic and healing energies to create an almost "heaven on earth". I think the struggle is part of the journey. I believe some of us come here again and again due to the abundant learning opportunities and potential for soul expansion that the third dimension offers. I believe plants are here to teach us to remember who we are. I believe in cycles. Ying and Yang cycles (or male and female cycles). I believe that we've been moving into the Divine Feminine cycle for over a hundred years, evidenced by the rapid changes in society the elite cannot control (women gaining the vote and being able to go to work, racism being condemned and slowly vanishing, gay people being accepted, and an overall movement for tolerance for all people). I believe each of us chose to be here during this time and knew it wouldn't be easy, but wanted to help humanity and the earth herself move into the next stage of evolution.
  4. Hi all. I'm new to the forum as well, from Melbourne. I was planning to go to Peru next year to attend a 12 day ceremony at the Temple of the Way of Light, but I've had to spend a lot of money on something unavoidable, so by my calculations, I won't be able to travel there until 2015. Not wanting to not try ayahuasca, I instead, traveled to Byron Bay a few weeks ago with my partner. I had heard that I'd be able to find ayahuasca there. I found a store where I felt the owner would know. Upon asking him, he took me to the back of the store.. where I thought he would share. But I think he was sussing me out, and basically said "I have access to it.. but you need to know people", and then it got awkward. I guess in his mind.. a tourist isn't someone he should be freely providing info to. A lot of people on this thread have asked questions they probably shouldn't have, but I guess they don't know another way. Closer to home would probably be Torquay and according to Alex Gearin ( ), there are many Aussie "facilitators" who were taught in the Amazon by shamans. If someone could PM me any info at all... at least some where I could go to ask someone or make friends with the right people, that would be awesome. I have severe OCD, and I think ayahuasca could teach me to let go of things.