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  1. First flowers on the finger limes, i have four of these and this is the only one to flower so far, was attacked by caterpillars so maybe the stress induced it in this one ? Anyhow glad to finally see some action and i hope to finally try this interesting native fruit :  )

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  2. He lost his job, his wife left him and his kids hate him so he started frequenting the local beehive and started hitting the fermented pollen pretty hard and eventually decided to huri kuri when the sense of hopelessness was to much to bear

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  3. Lol yeh looks like some kind of Cephalocereus haha , yeh some kind of grub, i have always just known them as itchy grubs : )

    They went up in a big line, chilled up the top for a bit then came back down, no idea what there plan was lol

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