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  1. I could live without a toilet. One of those flushy things that needs a whole room for itself. My garden agrees.!
  2. As a child I loved horses, so much that I wanted to be one, so I cantered around on all fours and got surprisingly quick at it. I would whinney, let people ride on my back and eventually gathered a herd (other children who would canter around the school oval with me.) At home my parents found this behavior disturbing and tried to discourage it. Horses are power animals and can help with stamina and endurance in the human psyche and physical body. I am also Sagittarius born in the year of the horse but this did not stop me from being an eagle, a tree, a mountain, water, rock, fire, air, god, bear, cat, snake and others. It is always fun to be something else when you are not happy just being!
  3. woodwoman

    Is your dog dangerous?

    Hi all, I have had my dog Declared Dangerous by Moreton Bay Regional Council for biting my attacker in my rural house yard. Boo Boo Bear (my 6.5 yo boxer/mastiff male) only bit on command and I only commanded his help when I could see no other solution to saving my life and the life of my house mate. Full story available upon request, I even audio recorded the attack, Proving that we acted in self defense against a trespass with intent, forced entry, breech of the peace, terrorism etc. Boo Boo's punishment, for doing what any kanine would do in this situation, is life imprisonment, nutering and sighnage. If I can not afford all of this they will take him away for destruction. I had Boo Boo independently temperment assessed and he was not considered dangerous by the assessor, infact the internationally renowned dog trainer/assessor admitted that every single dog would bite the attacker under these circumstances.. Does this mean that all dogs should be considered dangerous and treated accordingly? He has never bitten before and he would only bite again if I was under vicious attack, note 3 large guard dogs were present this day and this did not stop the man jumping a padlocked gate after being told not to, resisting detainment and removal, instigating an altercation with two more men ready to jump over my gate and join in aswell. I was in fear of my life and yet they walked away with nothing more than a bloody ankle. If you have a dog, be assured your dog would also want to chew on the ankle of someone who had entered your yard with the actions of harming you. Your dog will also be deemed dangerous for saving your life and your property. Has the world gone mad? Do I need to tie my dogs up before picking up the chainsaw in self defense. Now if your dog barks and scares someone he can be "declared menacing" with similar restrictions. Just for letting you know someone is there, at your house, uninvited. My dog barked at a policeman and he was capsicum sprayed in the eyes the copper said I was lucky he did not shoot him. WTF? Full transcript available of this police incident. I have appealed council's decision ( internal review) and that was denied with the response the dog "Has Offended". So off to QCAT we go, I now have to go through the external review process, hopefully a judge will see the logic here. What is the point of owning a dog if they are not allowed to do the one thing they are designed to do. Protect the master human or bark like a living doorbell. Council told me that not all dogs that bite are declared dangerous, so why has mine been? Is it because one of my attackers has an OAM? Which I will be appealing to the court to investigate further because I believe such a lowlife man should not be able to boast such a title. Can OAM's be revoked? Is it safe to ask? I have not even touched on how I was treated by the police and I am going through Victims of Crime to try and get some justice. I may not be able to afford justice and I find that unjust. Of course legal aid will not help with the cats and dogs act stuff and the free 15 min barrister was useless. I have had to study the criminal code and the Animal Management Cats and dogs act 2008, understand it and try to put my case together while suffering from extreme emotional trauma (PTSD), mental health issues, homelessness, poverty and abuse. Adaptogen herbs are helping with my high stress symptoms, we can talk about this in another thread. Has anyone else had a similar dog v council scenario? How did it end up? Any lawyers in the house? I could keep you employed for years! Pro bono! Save Boo Boo Bear and dogs everywhere!
  4. woodwoman

    Is your dog dangerous?

    Thanks Layla, it has been an horrific year, Boo Boo is now dead thanks to Moreton Bay Regional Council and I only have Pandy left. I have moved but not interstate, just around the corner actually. Let me know if you feel for a visit, my gardens are amazing. Hope you are well.
  5. I love your work! I have sampled numerous plants from the garden that I have found to have a similar effect as described by the ingestion of nitrarte's above. These include memory plant, gotu kola, and comfrey. Don't forget that if you require the plant to grow specifically for your chemistry then the seed will need to be imbued with your DNA and regular communications with that plant ensure your biological updates. A plant that grows just for you! It is s simple, natural process to imbue your DNA with a plant, more can be found on this in The Ringing Cedars Series.
  6. woodwoman

    Essential Oil Still

    Cedarwood Essential oil is cold pressed by fully timber constructed presses. It is not to touch anything metal. The nuts are pressed and re-pressed to get all the oil. ref. The Ringing Cedars of Russia, By Vladimir Megre. I wonder if you can press herbs similarly.
  7. woodwoman

    "Every Wattle has it's porn" thread !!! (hope there isnt already one but kinda do too)

    I agree delonix regia is the first tree and the acacia's are fantastic, are they from your garden? The only acacia I can identify is acacia melanoxylon because it grows around me and I often salvage the timber for the sawmill. Don't worry folks I ONLY salvage.
  8. woodwoman

    Is your dog dangerous?

    Is using a dog in defense like I did then considered assault with a deadly weapon? I am liking anarchy more and more. These robocops scare the shit out of me.
  9. woodwoman

    Is your dog dangerous?

    WoW! Thanks for all your responses. I did try to make a complaint and have charges pressed on the attackers on 2 occasions. 1)On the day of the attack ,to the attending officer. 2) a week later at the Caboolture police station. On the first occasion I was ignored On the second occasion I was told I would be too hard for me to get justice and it would be easier for me not to try. So terrorism is apparently O.K. in Australia.! You can rip someone off, humiliate them, lie, bully and cheat them and when they finally stand up and say no more you are allowed to intimidate, harass, stalk, threaten and assault them, their friends and the poor pets.. Wooh!
  10. woodwoman

    Orchid growers

    I have always loved orchids, Grandma and Grandpa had an orchid house that I would frequently visit as a child and they were all too happy to boast the new blooms. Orchids have one of the highest vibrations of the plant kingdom and it resonates at the most similar vibration to the human vibration. I read that somewhere many years ago, this may help explain the unique attraction we have all found with these mythical creatures. I lived in N.Q. where we had orchids and ferns growing on the clothes line and after cyclone Larry, I saved a few from imminent death. How could this be illegal? Saving a rare species from death? Well they are all dead now! Got some pics though. Spider Orchid (Caladenia) Graceful Orchid Rupianum on Syzygium Jambos Rats Tail Orchid (Dendrobium) Pencil Orchid (Dendrobium) Orchids Rule!
  11. Judge their fruits, judge them loudly, It is for you to judge. Sing these words and sing them proudly, "Land For Us To Love." Woodwoman 2014
  12. woodwoman

    Bunya Nut

    I think I have found the right place to ask my questions about bunya nut trees. araucaria bidwillii aka. Bunya Bunya Question 1) What is the proper nut collection method? 2) What is the proper preparation for eating the nut? 3) Is the tree sap used for anything like glue, food, poison? 4) What are the spiritual attributes already given unto this tree. I have found it hard to find information on this common species, as to it's traditional uses. I have taste tested the sap and found it O.K. Swallowed some and never felt sick! I found the nuts tasted better cooked than raw. Any one else! Please note: I am Aboriginal and vow to hold any traditional secrets, safe. Private message me if not sure who to trust. Any info welcomed
  13. A lot of testing would need to be done to invent this new combination of herbs and oils for safe, mass use and by then it would be called Flagloline and be twice the price of current dips and sprays and no longer a natural organic compound capable of safe biodegradation. Just need a snake repellant now Some dog shampoos have these oils and they are very effective. I use coconut oil, lavender, lemongrass, oregano, cedarwood and tea tree pure essential oils, mixed together and apply to dogs paws, belly, ear tips for effective allround anti parasitic and they smell great. No withholding period here!
  14. When I think of Hunter/Gatherer, I think Neanderthol, something less than man! When I Think Of Humans I think of a Permaculture Paradise where gardens were marked out and individually maintained. Devine nutrition can be found in ones garden alone, not so much in aimless wandering. This wandering started when families were forcefully removed from their Motherlands. Motherland= a place of abundance set up for the child by his parents before birth, to take care of his every need, forever.. eg. When we Eat a berry we pass out the seeds, so where ever we lived (more permanently)could only naturally grow more and more abundant. Perfection maybe- by moving only around your own territory, the energy requirements are reduced and the abundance is increased. There is proof in all countrys that this was the case and there is also proof of travel and congregations afar where couples could meet and seeds and produce could be swapped.. Hunter/ Gatherer is a myth, invented to make sure we never return to our motherland.
  15. If you can come up with a 100% effective Cattle Tick and Buffalo Fly treatment using these natural insecticides you could be a billionaire $$$$$$$$ In Australia at the moment all the currently marketed insecticides for ticks( Current insecticides used) are reducing in effectiveness due to tolerances yet increasing dosages then reduces safe human consumption. This is expected to have devastating effects on the grass fed cattle industry in many parts of the country. So why on Earth can we not just spray the cattle with Lemongrass and Cedarwood Oil? Or dip them in Corn oil and Cloves? Pests have never been able to build tolerance to freshly prepared plant extracts! (Proven) Ohhhh Nooo! That would mean that just 1 acre of land planted with herbs could see a heard of 200 cattle, tick free naturally! I mean Free Maybe a lemongrass hedge will keep the neighbours ticks out too. Sorry Dreamwalker, this is for, before we reach balance and low maintenance, but I like your thoughts.
  16. I yearn to live wild and free like an animal, when I was little I would run around on my hands and feet pretending I was a horse. This built strength! I have also been a bear, eagle and tree, just in my thoughts feelings and sometimes actions. It is really fun and benificial but who has time for that shit? Society was built to turn us away from this more natural human state of harmonic resonance with our natural world. Therefore our current state is unnatural and hence we do not experience the true joys of connection with plants, animals, Earth and the universe. This perversion is leading to low birth rates, suicide and unhappiness. We focus more on metal and money than life. We all feel it to be wrong but how do we change it? Free Land For All = Freedom Forever! I have found alcohol, among others, to exagerate the remembering of this connection but it has never created a lasting connection and there seems to always be a hangover .
  17. woodwoman

    how do you know if your dead?

    After visiting the "Void" ( where every thought you have is created instantly) the whole world seemed brighter, my emotions were welcomed, unlike ever before, maybe I was just happy to be submissive to the vibrations of the Earth in contrast to the all creative power I wield in the void. All I wanted to do was feel and experience the new day in every way that it came. This is the most alive I have ever felt and I would not trade that for any endless supply of "relief from pressure". I believe there is nothing better than life, provable by the way we all reach to create something in the void or revisit places, feelings or people where none can be found. Our minds, the only thing weaving the tapestry of this life we so viciously attatch to..... I am reading "The Decipherment", Rayan Ali, today and wow it is all about this exact subject. Here is a copy in PDF The-Decipherment.pdf I will know I am dead.......... when I lay down and die . When my brain, try's no more, they shall call, to close the door.
  18. woodwoman

    how do you know if your dead?

    I wanted to know what it was like to be dead, and got a good view that evening in a deep meditation.The darkness was all pervading, no solids existed including my body, there was a release from all the attachments of life and a certain level of peace came over me. Then I realized I was alone and lost in the darkness, I felt unsafe and suddenly there were monsters and demons coming at me, piercing my nervous system in their relentless attacks. I thought if I just close my eyes I will not be so frightened, then I thought I want to go home and repeated this desire to myself until I was conscious back in my bed. I was all of 12 when this happened and there were no drugs involved. This experience has taught me a lot of things, mostly "watch what you think!" I could have created a paradise in my afterlife instead I created Hell "Whatever you believe is what is". What do you believe will be your fate? Heavenly Bliss or a fear filled hell? Can we determine our post life fate by our thoughts and actions today? One other night I wanted to go to heaven and found myself on a cloud like plane with a bunch of men all dressed in white robes, interesting thing was the main guy was black skinned with white, long, curly hair and beard (I was adopted and at this point in my life I had never even met a black person and christianity was all white.). They taught me a bunch of stuff which I can not remember and showed me all around. I decided I wanted to go home but they were not sure I had made the right decision and showed me the tricky path home. The path was a slippery slide and a large man stood at the bottom of the slide with a big machette, chopping down on the slide at regular intervals. The gods told me I must make it down the slide 3 times to gain passage home. Guess I really wanted to go home! I made it past the machette twice but on the third time my leg was chopped off at the thigh. I woke up immediately, screaming with the excruciating pain of my leg being removed. My leg was really still there but the intense pain lasted over a week. Lesson: It is easy to get to heaven but it is really hard to get back. I have also died in my dreams but I am still alive or maybe I am just the living dead .
  19. I like classing these feelings into two categories Negative emotions Positive emotions Jealousy, envy, possessiveness are forms of negative emotions caused by a basic belief in lack of abundance and acceptance. Negative emotions will register as stresses in the body and increase the aging process. People I divide into 2 categories- Givers and Takers or Creators and Destroyers "Weak" people are often givers and "strong" personalities are related to takers. Just an observation, obviously we are all both but one category will dominate in most people."What can I get?" V "What can I give". Again these two categories are based on a basic belief of lack of abundance or acceptance, maybe we could look more deeply at how these two conditions can create and destroy people. Pat Parelli is a famous horse trainer who devised a simple personality chart for horses AKA horsenality. 4 categories are Extrovert, Introvert, Right-Brain, Left-Brain, may be worth a look! Environmental, social, political, religious, financial, physical conditions are not included in these analysis so an overall picture of any given person is unobtainable.
  20. woodwoman

    Natural Pesticides

    Mice - repelled by peppermint oil, place oil on cotton wool balls in cupboards etc. Mosquito's and sandfly's- mix cedarwood, lavender and peppermint oils with oil or water, shake well and apply to skin. Termites - cedar wood oil, clove bud oil, vetiver oil or garlic
  21. woodwoman

    the future

    Australia in the future is either a desert covered in debauched zombies or a thriving paradise inhabited with happy families, the choice is ours. My thoughts include:- Under pressure from the people of the whole world, all governments begin to act, by distributing their land evenly among the people. This equates to roughly 2.5 acres each for perpetuity. We are no longer slaves to the system of poisoned food and ruthless rents so we have time to be with our families and to tend our life giving gardens. Our water becomes clean again and our air smells like flowers. I no longer hear the noise of cars buzzing by all day instead I am softened by the song of the pretty blue bird calling out in friendship. Cows are not mass produced anymore and food grown in lab's will never be accepted. Disease is eliminated because this natural lifestyle encompasses life and not death. There will be no more school, compulsory work, doctors, shrinks, religion, retardation or combustion engines. Internet will be very different and contain no particular structures. In a fit of freedom we tear down all the ugly powerlines that scar the landscape and replace them with flowering trees. Australia becomes a "Garden of Eden" created with love, every single pair of human hands is creating their own dream come true. Children become smarter than their parents and this is encouraged. We all think for ourselves, and our thoughts are considered the most important of all and a high level of respect is established between people and their thought processes. Wars no longer exist because we all worked out why they started in the first place! Money no longer exists because joy is considered the only desirable currency! Free Land For All = Freedom Forever I can not be certain how long it will take to create the Garden of Eden here in Australia, for it to work the whole world needs to do this too. It takes 1 year to design your own piece of motherland Australia and many years to implement all of your ideas. It may also take just 1 year to get our government heads to agree to release the damaged/underutilized lands back to the people, under 1 year if we all ban together on this one. How are we going to explain to the grandchildren why we messed up their motherland, how can they ever forgive us? Forgiveness will only occur if they can see you doing everything in your power to make the world better for them. "That's just how it is" will not work for them or me.
  22. I suddenly had the urge to dance, so I did! What strange moves it evoked Also loved "Dissassembled" I thought I had grown out of this stuff, but you remind me of my youthful vibrance. Wicked, Very well done!
  23. woodwoman

    Natural Pesticides

    My mum half gave me a recipe for fruit fly and mosquitos :- in a bottle put vinegar, brown sugar and bleach. hang in tree with tiny holes in sides for bugs to enter. Still waiting on full recipe retrieval, anyone else know of this one or what portions? Also try capturing the ailing bugs and crushing them into water to be sprayed over suceptible plants approx. 8 bugs/cup. The dead bugs act as a warning to other similar pests. Coconut oil can break down the hard chitin layers of most arthropods causing them to die as does the surfactant qualitys of pure soap. Vaseline on a bit of stickytape wrapped around the trunk prevents insects crawling up the trunks. Try imagining your plants as being pest free naturally. Thought is so powerful and what a great, safe way, to test out your own power of thought.
  24. Shaman is a label that we have given, along with the power that it holds over us. We give our power away when we say that only something or someone outside of us has the power to create necessary change within us. This is the oldest occult trick in the book, taught that we are not the true creators of our reality, someone else is, we must ask them for help. How often do we first ask ourselves for help/guidance? Or do we want someone else to be responsible for us? We are all human (god in man) and we all have the ability to change certain aspects of ourselves, but we are simply programmed not to. eg. I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was young, it lasted for many years and became debilitating, then one week I meditated on it for the whole week and the next week it was gone. I have not had it reoccur either. I asked my higher self to remember running freely on the grass, without pain and it did. No drugs, No shaman! We can program water crystals with words and thoughts as is well documented by Masaru Emoto, so why not our own bodies which are 90% water? If we are seeking an external infleuence to save us, then we have lost faith in ourselves as grand creators, with free will, and I am not sure there is help for that! Church, Small Death, Maybe Shrooms? All information is stored in each cell of every human body, so be your own shaman and learn to listen to and work with yourself. If you can not hear yourself clearly, try eating some food straight from your garden, this can clear up many a blocked channell. Pure thoughts are a key, please leave your purest thoughts with me.
  25. Implode is the word comming to mind! If we take back our motherland, each and every one of us creating a beautiful garden in which life is sustained, then life will go on. We could buy Australia for Australian's to create life on. Making us imune from worldwide food shortages and homelesness. Our population is decreasing and this is the only sighn we truly need to determine the current health of a populous. Free Land For All is the answer. 2.5 acres each for perpetuity with tax free production. Aboriginal people get 5 acres because we are so important. Our land needs human hands, lets join together and make it grand. The Wet Tropics is under threat of annihalation by introduced weeds yet people are not allowed in there? Imagine the well maintained family forestry plantations that we could have and Australia would become renouned again for growing the best timbers in the world. Fire hazards would be reduced because of the close human interaction with the environment. Erosion would cease and the waters run clear again. Climate change would reverse! We can all be free to eat fresh food from our own gardens, that we then proudly share with many healthy generations to come. The Win Win Win of this scenario is magnificent but will the governments release the damaged lands back to the people? Is anyone here willing to help me launch a petition to the Australian Government to do so? PM me for Details.