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  1. n00dle

    FS: box of myco gear.

    Oh, wow, I am blind. Totally will add to classifieds. Thanks m8.
  2. n00dle

    FS: box of myco gear.

    Hi guys, doing a big cleanout. Found a box of myco gear that could use a new home. includes a hawkins 5L heavybase PC (worth ~$60) in good working order, only used a number of times, some clamp-lid containers for cakes, and a thermostatted digital heating controller for incubation using a box-in-box design. Also contains some sterile syringes and needles. Pickup 4157/QLD, or happy to get a quote on shipping. Offers by PM please. Cheers, S. PS: Mods please feel free to move thread as appropriate, I haven't been here in many years, could not find a myco trade forum, just seed/plant exchange. Im happy for the thread to go there if its more relevant though.
  3. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    ahem. flying spaghetti monster. and dont any of you lie, we can all agree on that.
  4. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    flying spaghetti monster.... ..just saying.
  5. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    I think so, potentially. However the amount of mass gained by increase in energy is so small that mere convective forces would probably dominate.
  6. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    I think what is happening is that both mass and energy are conserved, but both general and special relativity indicate that mass and energy are interchangable via Einsteins equation. Consider this, for a chemical reaction to take place, some element/molecule must change energy state, otherwise no reaction would take place. This difference in energy can be observed, and also calculated. The difference in energy can also be computed as a function of mass via E=mc^2. I'm not sure what you mean by "sharing electrons retains their energy level", because I would tend to think that depending on what type of bond, and the associated nuclei involved that the bond would contain different energy. Consider a single bond to a double or triple bond. The sigma bonds have a different energy level to pi bonds. It is entirely possible to promote sigma electrons to a pi electron state and vice versa, which change their energy level. Regarding nuclei, a famous quote: So it appears that while mass and energy are conserved, they are only conserved when considering both. Also, hot stuff rises because of a decrease in density, but it's important to consider that density is just mass per space. A decrease in density doesnt make something have less mass. According to E=mc^2, the increase in kinetic energy can be considered as mass. So while the object's density decreases, the object's mass increases.
  7. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    Do you study physics as a profession? I do appreciate the smack upside the head - sloppiness is not something that should be tolerated under scientific rigor!
  8. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    I totally agree - perhaps i miscommunicated. As you say, energy, nor mass, is created, nor destroyed, merely converted, to which I totally agree with. I define over-unity as a practical element, not a thermodynamic one, ie, systems upon which sustaining the conversion of one type of energy or form (be it mass to energy or vice versa) is fully sustainable by the system itself. It would be a direct violation of fundamental thermodynamic laws to suggest the concept of overunity in a thermodynamic respect, so yes, it's a loose/practical definition. That said, in the end, regarding this topic, we are concerned about praticality, no? Also I was just about to prepare a typical noodle-800-page-defense to some of your statements, also the hot stuff weighs less than cold stuff, but you know, i'm totally okay with being proven wrong (rather, to be educated), and, you just did. Awesome, thanks. Perhaps I can use this as a defense as to why my yeilds in the lab are so low Just pointing out i did say that perpetual systems bear little significant use (if obtainable) - implying that they, currently, may or may not be obtainable. They're interesting as a theorem, but currently appear impractical, and perhaps currently "impossible" other then on paper (it is easy to define a closed system with no losses, but in reality this is not achievable with our current understanding of physics or engineering) Man, haven't been on this forum in many many years, come back and learn something pretty rad. maybe I should frequent more often.
  9. n00dle

    Perpetual Motion

    Just putting a few definitions out there... May seem obvious but a lot of people get tricked up. Perpetual motion is merely 100% kinetic energy in a system recycled throughout the system. It bears little significant use (if obtainable) as it can only effectively store the same amount of energy put into the system. So it is pretty much limited to a battery. Once the energy has been removed from the system, it will cease to operate. Perpetual anything pretty much relies on the same concept. Neither of the above, according to current physics understanding, can exist. The simplest perpetual system would be thermal energy trapped within a container that possessed insulation that worked infinitely well, such that no energy was able to be lost. However, this is fundamentally different to systems which have an energy input, but the energy obtained is greater than the initial energy put in. These are 'overunity' based systems. Overunity systems are real. For instance, fossil fuel. Less energy is required to pump fossil fuels into a combustion system and ignite it than is seen at the output, which is why your car continues to run and supplies excess energy. These systems do not 'run forever', they merely have a source of energy of which is able to be accessed with less energy than the sum of the energy in the system.
  10. Unless someone changed the settings, as far as i know sent items were always saved... though i havent been on here in a long time. possible it's been changed. generally = the last 15 messages or so. didn't do it before that. might be the other person's machine but if they sent it twice i'd expect two messages in my inbox. i dont get this, just one message from them, and two from the shaman australis bot.
  11. a ) My sent items folder is permanently empty b ) I generally receieve duplicate emails saying "xyz has sent you a new personal message", sometimes 3.
  12. n00dle

    FS: unused glassware

    Hi, selling some glassware: 1x 500ml erlenmeyer, ground glass joint and drip sheild (offers $10+) 1x 1000ml flatbottom flask, B24 ground glass joint (offer $30+) 1x B24/B19 400mm leibig condensor/stillhead combo, with silicone/glass (offer $40+) 3x 1000ml boiling flasks (no ground glass joints) (offer $10+ each) all as good as new. none have been used for anything illegal, or even remotely dodgy. In fact, the only thing that's actually ever been used is the condensor, and that was used for water distillation, like once or something. The rest of the time this stuff has been sitting on a shelf. I have no desire for it. prices not including postage. Private message offers please.. cheers
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for someone with a playstation 2 with a modchip. Im looking for a quick job to be done, involving mailing a CD-R with a homebrew app on it and a memory card. All that needs to be done is to boot the PS2 with the memory card supplied and it will install some software to the memory card - nothing will be done to your PS2! Then just mail back.. If anyone could manage this, please let me know, i'd cover postage both ways + gift/money
  14. n00dle

    CambridgeSoft ChemOffice Ultra 2008 11.0

    Chemoffice costs a lot of money for a reason. while i have sympathy for those who cannot afford it, this is still blatently illegal, people can get it on torrents if they need to, but SAB is not a warez site dude.
  15. n00dle

    LED grow lamps??

    the human eye is so weird and tricky.. you can really do a lot of sneaky things with it.