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  1. A mate is heading up to remote NT, his family lost a lot of stuff in the recent cyclone, including their gardens

    Not sure how big a priority their garden rebuild will be overall, but my mate wants to take up some fast growing basic stock, including a couple of favourites. A few NSW locals helping pack together something which will make it past whatever regional quarantine checks are encountered

    Have specifically been asked for tamarind ( Tamarindus indica ). I heard yesterday that there are Tamarind trees in Darwin already, but my mate won't be stopping there long enough to collect, check, package seed even if it's in season. He's a very basic home veg gardener in Vic and has family concerns uppermost on what will be a long trip with multiple priorities

    If anyone has any viable, clean Tamarind seed to donate/ trade/ sell, maybe 50 or so, please PM me. It'll be sent here to NSW first so I can ensure labelling and storage is 100% going to not be a hassle for him to travel with and that seed will be viable at the end of it

  2. Ta Paradox, those did show up in searches but I was interested in hearing of experiences that were recent and current practices rather than research announcements. Or from installers, we had a few here a while back but they have gone quiet

    Did make me miss ReShroomEd terribly tho. Love that bloke. If you're reading this mate, thinking of you :)

    Am thinking I'd rather get a quote from Rainbow Power Company, looking at their price for a similar system seems a smidge less, plus they're local so if anything goes awry it will be quicker to get a techie out

  3. Searched, but could only find one detailed thread covering solar installations in Bitches and Gripes

    Am connected to the grid. I'd love to swerve it, because I don't see an end to the price increases, and because the technology seems to be more efficient than it used to be. I run a shit ton of stuff, as you can imagine. Autoclaves, flow hood, power tools

    I do not understand my electricity bill, but I understand it's increased over 100% last few years. Not much provider competition in my area, am forced to pay highest prices for it and have had to scale back my business to accommodate that

    This company is offering a solar install package deal in my area


    Does it look any good? There were some installer ppl here a while ago, I'd love to hear feedback

    Any system I put in would need to be able to leave the grid totally when battery technology improves. I have a love/hate relationship with the grid, I need to end it

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  4. Bloody hippies are onto something ;)

    Forum member here put me onto water kefir and gave me a culture. I've been at them all summer. Even in my micro-organism rich environment ( aka the kitchen ) the grains are still wholesome, healthy, productive and strong

    Kaffir limes are harvesting now, so after full fermentation I strain the grains off and whack a small piece of the fresh peel in with the drink and let it sit another day. It's bloody marvellour and refreshing

    Wondering if it's comparable in calories to commercial soft drink? Does this explain the mild energy buzz I get?

    I suspected the brew could be mildly alcoholic but I tested it the other day, and no.

    Go for it. Easy.

  5. This.



    We are very excited to introduce our new invention that allows you to enjoy fresh honey straight out of your beehive without opening it. It's far less stress for the bees and much, much easier for the beekeeper.

    Launches tomorrow 11am. Is getting good reviews.

    You can fit 2 Flow supers on top of a non-modified Langstroth brood box from the looks of things, as long as the frames are deep

    If it's as good as it looks it does have a couple of on-flow impacts of interest:

    If beekeeping becomes idiot-proof, more idiots will keep bees and not look after them, potentially providing a pool of pathogens and pests

    If European beehives proliferate they could potentially knock native bees back a way. European bees start foraging much earlier in the day than the locals.

    These are not negatives which would stop me from coveting and purchasing a Flow hive, any savings I make in time and money stuffing round with extractors etc I'll put into providing native hives for the locals

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  6. I have found Eden seed quality to be progressively worse over the last few years- germination rates decreasing. Have been a customer of theirs for 20+ years and I'm switching to our local seed network for all veggie seed

    This could be due to vendor storage for Eden seed at the retail end of course, more experimentation definitely needed, but I purchased from at least 3 different local stores

    Bought 2 packs Eden seed capsicum, subject to my usual germination in propagation mix semi shade. One germination. Minimal germination for 2 x carrot variety, and nil for of all things, radish

    Bought 2 packs random seed from local seed network the other week, 100% germination in one species, too many to count in the other

    It's not the money I resent losing on Eden so much as I miss the opportunity to harvest food which should have grown and has grown previously here

    Local seed networks are a safer bet for me

  7. ^^

    you don't have a right to say who reproduces and who doesn't

    He said "please". Did you read that? Or are we back to that pathetic thread where anyone who said they were in favour of zero population growth was practically accused of wanting to break into houses and slaughter forum member's children. One of the low points in the intellectual life of this place IME

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  8. I have a bunch of Psychotria carthagenensis/ alba plants I'd like to put along a fenceline in NSW

    There's a small chance that cows could get to them when they're taller ( the plants, not the cows )

    Google has some loose insinuations that some Psychotria species could be potentially toxic to cattle, however most of the search results don't mention species and Psychotria is a large and varied genus

    B&T World Seed has a reference saying P. viridis is toxic to cattle, but I can't find the study reference for that. And I'm planting P. carth

    Has anyone here had P. carth within range of cattle reach? What were your experiences- cows OK?

    If cattle are known to be affected by it I'll plant them somewhere else

  9. Personally I'm growing tired of all the sarcasm around here lately from multiple users. I know it can be funny, even poignant, I just think its lowering the standard of discussion which might be the opposite of its intention.

    Oh I love the sarcasm personally. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference, so sarcasm harder people. Harder. Shit deserves to be made fun o

    it wasn't an analogy, it was a statement of fact. it's especially true with pharmaceutical companies and drug trials, where statistics are withheld or manipulated to get a product to market quicker. I don't agree that science is what you make of it. pure water boils at ~100°C @ 1ATM is science (open to variation due to a number of variables etc.) , it leaves no room for making anything of it, it's a simple statement of fact. this leads me to what i've been considering lately, and that is mathematics could be considered the only truly objective language, in that it doesn't leave room for the effects of qualia like simple human observations can. for example, you see a red square, i see a red square, how or or what type of red exactly is dependent on us the observers. but a photon detector can give us a precise measure of the red, let's say 450nm. this isn't open to interperetation or agenda, it's just a simple statement of fact.

    Yep you are right in one sense, and my analogy was shoddy. Yes, water boils at ~100°C @ 1ATM. But the uses to which empirical observation are put reflects our own input and relationships with each other. Are you testing BP forsurgical polymer manufacture or are you calculating gas use for pouring boiled H2O over the heads of political dissidents? Either way, the figure is a constant. The end use is not

    Did I get my point right yet? Science isn't privatised. A fuckload of what's funded has been privatised. Not too much of that is prohibited, or even out of range for many people. We've just embraced learned helplessness about chasing ideas rigorously for ourselves. There are valuable citizen science projects which combat this, and I love them

    That's pretty much it.

    Why bother play a game if you aren't enjoying it?

    And yet... here you are... still complaining. Where's that luscious info you're witholding?

    Don't take it personally, I've been caned for saying similar stuff years ago. But it was good advice. Don't whinge too long, fix it.

  10. Also, a lot of people in the psychedelic community make their money by exploiting ignorance.

    McKenna, Hancock, Pinchbeck etc. If not for dumb people these men would have been working at a gas station.


    I don't object to Pinchbeck's poetic style, but fucked if I'd call him a researcher

    Have often wished I could make something up completely and say it sufficient credulity while charging bulk $ and selling books. I'd giggle and give the game away pretty early on

    Absolutely cannot believe that so many people are so willing to sacrifice independent thought in order to suck up such peurile crap and spout it back out without losing mass credibility. Oh. LNP. I guess it's just human nature. Years back I was surprised to find such a willingness to bow to the alpha-men spouting unproveable crap in the EB community- especially overseas-and that was back when the signal/noise ratio was lower. Now it just saddens me.

    Scratch any human being and you will find irrational beliefs not far below the epidermal layer. Even if it's just " She'll come back to me one day " or "If I stop smoking pot tonight I'll be right to drive tomorrow even if the cops are round". Irrationality is especially true of biologists and physicists IME :) I don't have a problem with that, it's fun. But it's when an irrational claim is aggresively argued as a proven, logical statement and gains momentum- that's when it shits me

    people should bare in mind that in the privatisation of science much evidence/data is either suppressed or manipulated to fit an agenda (profit), so just because thee's no evidence for a claim doesn't necessarily make it untrue :wink:

    Absence of evidence etc.

    Still, it's a bad example. Science is what we, the people make of it. Your analogy is like claiming private transport excludes the poor because cars exist. Untrue. Both cars and science exist as somewhat weighted social constructs- but they can be used in so many different ways

    Private science can be crap. So can public science. It's poor science and a tunelling of research focus driven by a short term market economy that's the enemy. The important thing about science- as opposed to religion, or fucken intergalactic space alien pyramid DVD selling schemes- is that once you find something is wrong, or different, you get to write it up and challenge or change the findings. I

    Im gonna keep lurking around but there is no point in sharing good information with a bunch of people who are incapable of collecting good information themselves.

    Not everyone. Just the vast majority.

    Really, you make that sound like you're gunna take your bat and ball and go home because you don't like the players. Gosh, who here is lucky enough to fall under the definition of 'everyone' above? Is this a statement designed to make us each secretly glad you don't mean us as individuals?

    If you gave a fuck you'd contribute all this good information you've just spruiked and get a decent discussion going

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  11. If people make a claim they should have to verify that claim

    If they verify a claim it should be with something that can be verified independently by third parties

    It should be repeatable

    It should be consistent

    It should be something that can be further investigated if needed to understand the underlying mechanism

    If you can't do those things then you are essentially spouting complete and utter bullshit.

    Just because you don't agree with facts does not mean that the way the facts were gathered is wrong or manipulated by some other higher power.

    Just because you don't know what is going on in the world does not mean that it has to be sinister, nor does it mean its all beautiful and perfect.

    Back up your claims or don't claim them as factual.

    Where do you draw the line with this? I'm all in favour of isolating threads on chemtrails, antivaxxers and conspiracy theories ( for example )

    But some of the most interesting discussions here have started out with something like vague theory and get developed by subsequent posting types into a cross disciplinary discussion on formal research techniques and developments

    And most of the best threads here get hijacked one way or the other, which I really like as well

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  12. Sounds like a reasonable start to me, MG isn't making any claims beyond those he's outlined and the experiment seems consistent enough without being in a fully controlled chamber

    At least he's admitting to variables which weren't covered by the experiment. Most scientific papers don't list the things they left out ( and sometimes those things are important ) and you don't find that out until you try to replicate the experiment. That's why the submission includes their contact details- so you can ask

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  13. I enquired about this a fair while ago, not sure if the technology has changed in the last 12 months, here's a mashup of what I got back then

    You can split your sequencing into 3 stages.

    • You'll need a wet lab to extract the DNA. It's not hard, tho some ppl do it better than others :)

    Cheap and local is available for most people, obtainable for beer in some instances. The sequencing mob will want about 5ug of high quality DNA per species, which is a lot. A crude prep won't pass the sequencing company's QC either.

    • Find a company to do the sequencing

    DNA can be shipped anywhere in the world ( AFAIK, no restrictions exist on import or export )- find the cheapest and most reliable sequencing place

    Cheapest a few years ago were the BGI Beijing Genome Institute, AGRF and The Ramaciotti Centre, UNSW.

    If you are linked in with geneticists who have the relevant toys, sometimes there will be a run done with a spare 'lane' free- ie they aren't running a fully stocked session and have space for your species, in which case it will cost fuckall in comparison to BGI etc above

    Whoever you choose will want to know

    How big is the genome?
    Is there a closely related species that could be used as a reference genome?
    How much coverage do you want? Eg how many times is each base represented by a read. For example, wheat and barley are appox 5.5Gb and about 8x coverage. .
    What kind of library preparation? I would suggest (on an Illumina instrument) 75 or100bp paired end reads, AND a 3-5kb mate pair library. Paired end reads are cheap and will give you lots of coverage. A mate pair library is critical to putting a genome together if there is no reference genome.

    They may ask more technical questions relevant to the sequencing

    • You will also need bioinformatics support to make sense of your data

    I'm under the impression it takes a lot of computing power and storage space, and that human expertise is important in interpreting the data.

    I got pretty lost after the bits requesting info on coverage. Roundabout then I gave up and decided to delegate the job to someone else when it came up

    Not sure if this is what you are after, good luck. It's all very do-able, but it's not as simple as it looks on CSI unless you are willing to throw $$$ at it, or have genetically obsessed mates

  14. Oh....... and do ensure your neighbour ain't connected in any way before waging war, condition of ones backyard can sometimes not be a viable indicator that a neighbour 'doesn't care' or does not have the financial clout or contacts to seriously fuck you up.

    I kinda agree with that. I've had the neighbours from hell, and I've been the neighbour from hell. Context is everything.

    Previously I've viewed neighbours who have obsessively mown lawns to be weirdly focussed preachy types whose idea of territory extends well beyond their fenceline and into my perceived lifestyle. Some of the obsessive mowing yardwork types have been physically dangerous, fucked up and more slovenly than I once you see the kitchen. But hey, their lawns are mown so they must be reputable citizens ( no )

    My place is a shitful mess when things are busy and the lawn doesn't get mowed. Large furry family members drop in on loud motorcycles from time to time. Sometimes there are parties, with music and drinking and shit. Swearing, laughing and talking crap til 3am. Maybe 3-4 times a year even

    When the yuppies next door moved in it was a nightmare. They spent the whole time on guard getting weird about shit that wasn't happening, making stuff up and attributing all sorts of superpowers to us, confronting us every couple of weeks. Frankly they were scary. If you live next door to people who don't have visitors, are always quiet, have really overactive paranoid imaginations and never have parties you start to question whether they are storing the bodies in the freezer or a bath of ice. You start to wonder when they are going to pop their heads over the fence and get shrill about things they are imagining again. You start to avoid the fenceline, because they have no boundaries, but you do, and if they come in your yard and act like that again you are probably going to face court

    Then one day we all got over it, and accepted that on some things we have different priorities. They like a mowed lawn, I don't care. We both like honest people around us, and we both like our privacy. If I have a party and it's too loud they are perfectly entitled to ask me to turn it down within reason. If something comes up, we will ask, not assume, and not wait until we're super pissed off to talk about it

    They are now officially best neighbours ever

    It's a vine FFS. It takes what, 20 min to trim it back every week? How long have you wasted getting pissed off about it? Give it a think, weigh it up against the full time neuroses and potentially escalating petty spites which come bundled with neighbourhood disputes

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  15. The more you believe in the power of the moon the better it works, thats a fact

    Its also helpful if you can turn a blind eye to all the germination success you experience outside of the set moon germination times

    Additionally if the moon knows you dont believe in its power it can sends spirits down into the atmosphere to mess with your germination rates.

    The moon is a power spiritual force not to be messed with, underestimating this fact could results in low germination rates or even a heart attack

    Gold. You left out chemtrails tho.

    Am as cynical as you, and haven't seen the data on the TC experiments, but my mate is a good scientist who does quality lab work. He would have allowed for all the variables and was working the data over a 2 year period. So I'm fence sitting on this one :)

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