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  1. dizzyanarchist

    mushroom hunting uv light

    When i was 20. I did meet a bloke at one spot out front of his property. Once i was picking a long side the fence line. Because i did not want to go into private property. Especially around such a area. A lot of the farmers would have guns. The farmer actually road up to me on a 4 wheeler. Asked me ''Do you kids get the same buzz out of those. As i did when i was your age?'' I laughed and could not beleive it. He told me to go pick the mushies out of the cow patties in the property. Because he remembered them being the best. I didn't get to greedy got out of his way when i found a good couple doses. Thanked him bought him around a 6 pack a couple days later. Was a bloody good trip too So yeh it is suprising. Who actually wont mind you picking them. But still dawn on sundays at hot spots. Like places where there is usually to much traffic on normal days etc. And sorry running through the night with funky coloured lights. Is going to raise more questions if you got spotted. See might be less chance you get spotted. But more chance if you do get spotted. I dont think their not going to wait. or come see what ya have to say. And their going to most likely see you. Before you see them if you ever see them. Even though the redlight wont effect your night vision to much. Still going to see a glowing redlight from ages away shining through the bush's. But hunting them with lights does sound cool.
  2. dizzyanarchist

    mushroom hunting uv light

    for the hot spots. i find the break of dawn on a sunday. best time to go. allmost everyone sleeps in on sundays. and you can see em then. and yes being caught in a feild at night looks far worse. than being caught in the feild at day time
  3. dizzyanarchist

    piss testing

    the cco officer has showed shes been toying around for a couple weeks with the test but the first test will be soon. biut we where thinking go for a heavy result in the first one and try see if he hits a negative. due to this theory that heavy smokers process it quicker some ppl reckon they know ppl sorta storys that ppl have passed these things before within a couple days to a couple hours after their last session. now i know ive passed a toungue swab test 4 1/2 hours after a session and had some bad diacytal-crap the night before i thought i was fucked but i passed but that i definately take into account that one was a toungue swab and i could fail a next one could have been a stuff up for all i know allthough i read into a thing on erowid saying the same sort of theory anybody else had or seen this happen?
  4. dizzyanarchist

    piss testing

    okay for those of u on a cco being honest to those corrections officers might keep u free. but he is really fucking struggling quiting the pot i wouldn't mind looking into alternatives that dont show up but jwh-018 gives him seizures anything different we can use that isn't liike jwh but still a cannibinoid or something that is alike. his gotta have the pot on the way out of his system now. honesty bought time and corrections wont fail him for the first couple unless he has diacytal-opiates which are pretty much why the crime was commited
  5. dizzyanarchist

    Metro advert Dumb ways to die

    haha wouldn't want manic suicidal ppl to view this add might give em ideas. what a wierd add but catchy thats for sure
  6. dizzyanarchist

    A Urine Powered Generator

    these ppl need their water for driniking most likely so i reckon its a good idea if its efficiant enough. solar panels are expensive let alone to a country that probably doesn't produce a good amount of them. reckon itd be funny seeing a toilet block of urinals connected to a generator. as long as noone shits in the urinal making funny's and block the lines
  7. dizzyanarchist

    piss testing

    man i thought those bottles sounded like a rip off not to say it doesn't help but. isn't creatine one of the usual chemicals in that protein powder stuff.definately think we get him on homemade batch's of this in stead of 80 bucks for a lousy small bottle this person smoked heaps. the lawyer reckons their gonna give a 30 day leaniance and been reading some ppl can have it in their system for 90 days if their that heavy. i was thinkin the lawyer might have got the leaniance time wrong and might have 90 days leaniance instead. but he faces jail if the tests come up bad after that leaniance time. he likes to do californian poppy tea to relax his nerves to. thinkin of using mexican poppy to. but should this be discontinued? incase they get a opiate reading which is worse in this case. though it sounds like its all appointment made anyway(lucky it isn't random testing) allthough heard this rumour from a mate that he passed a .00 alcohol breath test 3/4's of a hour after he had a few drinks. and he reckons it was the massive shot of speed he had 10-15 minutes after the drinks. now we might joke that he needs to go on a speed bender then he might pass the 30 day leaniance thing. but joking about it makes us think more and more if this is true even though its a bad way to go about it but its better than jail.
  8. dizzyanarchist

    piss testing

    sorry i wasn't to sure what to put this on. but it will help somebody chill a bit thats for sure if theres a heavy pot smoker that smokes 1-2 grams a day could the thc really kick in ur system for up to 90 days? there has been a story that has been floating around the circle about speed can flush stuff out of your blood system quickly can anyone confirm this? is there anything that will actualy help flush stuff out of ur bloodstream? like those 80 dollar bottles of some sort of stuff that they sell at happy high herbs that they claim will flush anything out of ur system withing the timelimit of a couple days im allways weary on those things although ive heard from a couple mates that know a fair bit and i can usualy trust there advice that actualy think a couple of those things work. ive heard that smoking synthetic cannabinoids can set a test off is this true? and can ppl smoking around u effect ur test? would thebaine and berberine give u a opiate reading?
  9. dizzyanarchist

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    when do we get these seeds
  10. dizzyanarchist

    Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real, Study Says

    i know where ur comin from in a way optical i constantly give weed breaks and i start to get on the spirits need something for a good nights sleep i got stuck at a point for 1 year i was smashing half a slab and heaps of cones everynight i got addicted to the drunk and stoned feeling eventually i tried to give up ended up smoking cones everynight again after a week because the habbit was getting to expensive and started driving didn't want to get caught drink driving. everytime i try giving it a break i get swets anxiety attacks. woken up with the sheets drenched to for about 2 weeks waking up to the smell of weed and swet and i get like a couple hours sleep for 3-4 nights then i go back to my old patterns which are still shit. now i still smoke a fair bit of green but i keep my habbit from costing to much. sometimes i sit there think fuck just got to be addicted to somethin although i find a key factor in it to be boredum and i need sleep to operate and anxiety attacks hurt my chest for me. i had the same from a bad slow habbit at one point but 20 fold in those sort of withdrawals. pot seems to keep me operating fine and i get a more normal amount of sleep tend to trust it more than what the doctor prescribes for anxiety. alcohol makes a fool out of me
  11. dizzyanarchist

    Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real, Study Says

    i was reading somewhere tobacco actualy inhibits pot and other substances like i reckon lightly inhibits alcohol to so i tend to think that weed could be partialy addictive and tobacco would just inhibit the addictive quality like those dudes that like their weed mix's 50/50 60/40 a close family friend smokes with a pinch of tobacco to take off the edge he seems to control his habbit fine and operate fine only has a cone every half hour to 45 minutes after work let alone if u really call it a habbit he can go without easy and no withdrawals just most his old pains bother him what i call a habbit where u smoke daily and feel like u need it. im constantly telling myself i want it not need it and i like a green mix but it just doesn't feel same i like to smoke 60/40 mix's most the time but i go without i get agitated my sleep patterns go worse and id like to quit ciggys but i dont think i can smoking mix sort of thinkin need to quit them both so i can get off the smokes but i just like gettin stoned feels like im in the zone
  12. dizzyanarchist

    The morning glory- family and active agents

    mad ill be cold watering em up soon thanks coin for the links those helped alot i think im gonna get some cuttings and throw em in a nice dry spot and ill make them seed i got them mixed up with purpurea and think i seen a indica. would a Ololiuqui be able to grow at a steady rate in melbourne?
  13. dizzyanarchist

    The morning glory- family and active agents

    i found violaceas least im 9 probably 70% sure on it i have found other pictures of species that do look alike but it mostly looked like a violacea but could not find seed i looked over a plant in my old neighborhood examined it every change in weather in the year and it did not set seed i checked other plants to and could not find seed ive found them on bush morning glorys but their no good really from the reading i done. thnx dude my mate was certain u could use the claviceps but i did not like the sound of it and done some reading on it just wasn't sure of it i think i might try get a Convolvulus pluricaulis that sounds like a interesting plant. tell me how the cold water extraction works on ololiuqui leaves when u get around to it im interested as might try to get some goin if its promising wouldn't mind ideas for things to throw in brews does the cold water extractions on hbwr seeds have the same potential as chewing them i cant gut them anymore the taste of them is horrid i love the trip but that taste with the nuasea just kills me im sceptical on scratching the coatings still to is this really a good method to dodge the nuasea cuz then i might just be able to get over the taste atleast a few more times
  14. dizzyanarchist

    Catha Seed Available Soon - Planthelper's cross

    mate count me in! fucken oath my khat plant died. when i heard about it i was devastated. still got the base of it poking out of its old hangin hanging in hope it will come back alive from the root system. 2 packs
  15. dizzyanarchist

    Does anyone have any spore prints to buy?

    road trip to vic haha their everywhere as long as u know where to look. i wouldn't want to risk moving this kind of stuff personaly but u have many good hiding spots in a car