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  1. Think I remember reading somewhere that Phleb grafting never works, and when it does the leaves have no spice content. Could be wrong, def. needs to be investigated.
  2. Hmm, Thanks for the information there, Indigo, I had thought that it would be an ideal practice for us to assure the sustainability of these acacias, but perhaps it's best just to grow from seed. I'll take those considerations in and see how I go, the Sodium Hypochlorite sounds like an interesting step - just for sterilization? Also I have it on good word that getting Rhyzobium Nodes from Acacias trees (from the root) and placing them in each pot will help with pro-biotics, microbiotic contamination being the biggest risk. Will update in the coming weeks/months. t
  3. Wow, those two threads are incredible. Thanks to Ferret, Entity, Sola and others. This is very useful I'll try and summarize it all, for the record: 1. Auxin hormones should be IBA done at 4g per Litre, which can be purchased as a gel and mixed with Acetone 2:1 (as opposed to Talc as powder - which is shit). Product/brand is Rootex, sells in 4g/L gel and 4g/l liquid, probably in acetone, and also 8g/l powder for hardwoods. Also as Clonex purple gel, IBA 4g/L. Approx 3/2 gel to acetone. Ferret dipped his for 40 seconds and air-dried for 30 seconds before planting. This amazing company sells the raw stuff http://www.austratec...u/products.html . Process is researched in this journal http://www.publish.c...r/EA9941225.htm 2. As I stated, important to keep the cuttings hydrated with mist and spray, but also frequently ventilated. Bottom heat is best - keeping it at around 20 degrees is best. 3. Probably best to have minimal foliage on each cutting - 1 or 2 phyllodes max. 4. Better to use the lateral cuttings (as in smaller branches growing laterally from the main stem) as opposed to the main stem. 5. Probably best to take from firm young growth, rather than fresh new growth or old growth. 6. From what I understand one can use any sort of soil, but the above link suggests the optimum is 10 parts propagating sand, 6 parts perlite, and 1 part peat. 7. Diagonal cutting to leave as much of the vascular tissue exposed as possible is good, even leaving a 'tail'. Also to cut cleanly and below nodes/notches (so notches can sprout roots). Still debate over whether submerging notches is best or not. 8. Having several cuttings per pot may increase chances of rootings - the standard of hardwoods being to bind them together as a bushel. 9. Keep everything clean! etc etc. Could we put together a Tek?
  4. No I have not tried, ah, the old not-as-simple-as-I-imagined bag. And the old lazy search to, sorry about that - just found the thread, you mean this one? Seems complex indeed, a cursory look presents a lot of terminology that I am unfamiliar with. I am relatively new to this game. More importantly I should get onto it ASAP, they are already cut! And perhaps here Haven't studied them closely yet, will do now and perhaps contact relevant members.. Actually it was from a guy-I-know's plant (not on here) - less than a metre tall, quite a good specimen. What he gave me I have now cut, these cuttings are now all I have - hope I can make it! I am confident.
  5. Hello all, good to be here! Currently got a young Phleb that I'm wanting to clone. Been growing for a while and I now have about 6 small cuttings, each about 10-20cm long. Guess I'll run through the process that I've put together from cursory net searches. Never done this before, so would appreciate some advice! I've cut each small branch right below one or two phyllode nodes, and plan to submerge these lower nodes completely in soil. I've made each cut at a diagonal edge, and shave off one side at about 5-10mm. Read this helps with rooting. I plan on soaking each cutting for a little bit, and then dipping each in a small amount of honey. Although the honey contains no plant hormone auxins, it's generally considered to be a good (..enough [?]) rooting substance. I will then plant each cutting in a small seedling pot, with normal potting mix (nothing flash, though I'm sure some perlite or such would help - worth investing?) and then mist/spray with water. Then, as the humidity needs to be kept up, I will construct a makeshift greenhouse out of a wide and tall circular laundry basket wrapped in a large white bin liner or two. I will then place the honeyed, moist cuttings in their pots and inside the 'greenhouse' - and with some containers of water, which will condensate and keep the humidity up. I will spray the plants every now and then, and ventilate, every now and then. The only thing then left is heat - haven't quite figured that out. From my Alchemical work I use a sand bath (electric fry pan filled with sand), but I fear this will be too hot - so perhaps I will construct a heat pad from a biscuit tin, filled with sand, and with a single strong light globe underneath. This may provide a gentle enough heat to create a warm, and subsequently humid atmosphere for the cuttings to root. The questions then are: 1. Do I need to soak the cuttings in water for a while before planting? 2. Should I not risk not using perlite/vermiculite and go and fetch some? 3. Is honey ok? 4. How far do I need to submerge each cutting, given that they are around 10-20cm high each and are relatively thin, and young? 5. Cutting/Cloning guides talk about soft wood and hard wood. This might seem a silly question, but I'm guessing A. Phleb is considered hard wood - even though these cuttings are small and soft currently? How does this change the cloning technique? Think that's about all for now. Will post some photos when I've got it all going. Cheers! x
  6. It seems I indirectly broke the rule about discussing ingestion, in my thread today about Ped shelf life, which mysteriously disappeared. Wanted to apologize, to those concerned. Thought it would be ok, I was wrong. Peace.
  7. Hey Tipz - any chance I could PM you? I'm elsewhere (not in SA) but would love to know his exact qualification, the name of it etc, and who he is working for, in order to perhaps contact someone of a similar description in my area. Would be greatly appreciated! ;)