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Using Plants As Medicine Conference - Brisbane

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Using Plants As Medicine Conference

22nd - 25th March 2024

Brisbane, Australia

18 presenters comprising of Doctors, Psychologists, Mycologists, Ethnobotanists, Herbalists, Business Creators, Musicians, International Speakers and Therapists - this conference is like no other.

In addition to the talks, there will be musical performances, workshops, a guided edible tour, stalls and more.

There will be special offers on products, services, and educational programs related to plants brought to you by plant enthusiasts. Be the first to know and have access to exciting retreats and other events to be held with some of the presenters exclusively.

The event can also be watched live by purchasing virtual tickets.

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with, network and collaborate with people coming together who are like-minded and have similar interests and visions for the future.

More info: selfseeker.org

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