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Dried Kava Root

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Howdy all. I have some different varieties of dried kava root from Vanuatu. Most of them are single origin.


The Varieties are: 1 x Borogoru (500gm), 1 x Palarusal (500gm), 1 x Bir Kar (500gm), 1 x Nakamal (500gm), 1 x Five Star (500gm), 1 x Lateral Roots (250gm), 1 x Borugu (250gm).


All of them were sourced from Root and Pestle, except the Borugu which was sourced from Australian Kava shop. You can read more about them on the vendor's websites if you're interested.


The 500gm bags retail for around $90 each, whereas the 250gm bags retail for around $50.


I am looking to trade for some plants and/or prints for microscopy. Let me know if and what you're interested in, and we'll work something out.







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