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EGA - Garden States Microdose Webcast - Psychedelic Mysticism + Medicalisation of Cannabis

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Episode Three - Psychedelic Mysticism + Medicalisation of Cannabis 



In this episode, Kelly Paterniti will be discussing the relationship between psychedelic occasioned-mystical experiences and pro-environmental behaviour. This will be followed by a look at the medicalisation of cannabis and other entheogenic plants, that are now fast becoming one of the hottest topics in medicine and psychotherapy. Dr Jamie Rickcord will explore the possibility for change in our relationship with cannabis and psychedelics as a society. Hosted by Nick Wallis and the EGA team

Registration for the Microdose Webcasts are free but donations are encouraged to support EGA's important work (booking fees apply).
On Wednesday 28 April 2021 at 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM AEST

Episode Three - Psychedelic Mysticism + Medicalisation of Cannabis  

In Segment One, we will be joined by Kelly Paterniti to explore an interesting area where environmental conscience, philosophical, and Pharmacology all connect around pro-environmental behaviour. 

In Segment two we will explore the Perspectives on Medicalisation of cannabis and other entheogenic plants with a variety of short interviews from Nimbin, the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia.



Segment One – Psychedelic Mysticism 

Talk Synopsis: The Relationship between Psychedelic Occasioned-mystical experiences and Pro-Environmental Behaviour

This lecture will be a presentation of findings from a novel research project, which explored the relationship between psychedelic-occasioned mystical states and pro-environmental behaviour. The study expanded on a previous finding by Forstmann and Sagioglou (2017), who observed an association between lifetime experience with psychedelic use and pro-environmental behaviour. However, the former study did not assess the quality of psychedelic experience, which can greatly vary depending on context.

Mystical experiences, which can accompany psychedelic use, are considered profound experiences that can positively influence an individual's life. Some examples of shifts in individuals following such an event, include positive changes in attitude, behaviour and well-being, improved sense of spirituality, increased openness and enhanced connectedness. As a result of such alterations, psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences could have implications for an individual’s behaviour and relationship with the natural world, including their pro-environmental behaviour.


For this study, participants completed an online questionnaire that assessed psychedelic use, mystical experiences, personality and pro-environmental behaviour. The survey also included a behavioural Charity Task in the form of a raffle, whereby participants could choose to donate the prize to an environmental charity or keep it. This task was aimed to be reflective of an actual instance of pro-environmental behaviour. We observed that participants who met the criteria for a ‘complete’ mystical state scored higher on pro-environmental behaviour, openness and agreeableness than those who did not. Specifically, those who achieved a mystical state scored higher on the pro-environmental behaviour types ‘eco-shopping and eating’ and ‘one-off conservation actions’. No significant differences were observed between the charity task groups and mystical experiences.

This study is the first to observe how psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences might influence pro-environmental behaviour, and findings suggest that the quality of a person’s psychedelic experience may be important for whether or not individuals engage in environmental action. Understanding the motivators of pro-environmental behaviour is of pressing concern in light of increases in global temperatures. As greater urbanisation and digitalisation alienates individuals from nature, reconnecting humans with nature should be deemed a priority if environmentally destructive behaviour is to be reduced. The results of the study will be presented in a powerpoint slide that introduces the topic, summarises the study design and subsequently discusses the results, limitations and implications.


Bio: Kelly Paterniti 

Kelly Paterniti has just completed her Honours in Psychology at Edith Cowan University, where she has graduated first class. The research was originally part of my honours dissertation, which is being adapted for publication. Although this was her first research paper, Kelly had excellent support from Dr Stephen Bright and Dr Eyal Gringart who are co-adapting the paper with me for publication. Prior to studying, Kelly had a career in the performing arts, which included performances at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre Company.


Segment Two - Perspectives on Medicalisation

Talk Synopsis: 

The medicalisation of cannabis and other entheogenic plants is fast becoming one of the hottest topics in medicine and psychotherapy. But is it as straight forward as it seems? What are the benefits? What are the pitfalls? This sequence of short interviews from Nimbin, the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia, explores this complex topic from a wide range of perspectives. Featuring Dr Jamie Rickcord and other speakers from the Medican Conference (March 27th) and presenters from the upcoming Mardigrass Festival (May 1st & 2nd).


Dr Jamie Rickcord will explore the possibility for change in our relationship with cannabis and psychedelics as a society. How do we ensure these medicines are used with integrity and do we first need to accept we have a long way to go despite the capitalist rush that may be born from the same patriarchal mind that has kept them illegal for so long now? Jamie has few theories about the endocannabinoid system and how it is named incorrectly. How all these medicines work through a series of physiological systems, through the mind and through the return of homeostasis and they are all interconnected. Anandamide produces a regulatory state in the human body and is it possible that phytocannabinoids and psychedelics reset the endocannabinoid system?




About Garden States Microdose Webcasts

The EGA Garden States Microdose Webcasts are designed to cover a variety of topics from the field of ethnobotany and psychedelic culture, sustainability, and related areas of interest to the community. The forums are part of the program leading up to the highly anticipated Garden States 2021 Botanical Conference. Registration for the Microdose Webcasts are free but donations are encouraged to support EGA's important work.



About EGA

Entheogenesis Australis is a charitable, educational organisation established in 2004. We provide opportunities for critical thinking and knowledge sharing on ethnobotanical plants, fungi, nature, and sustainability. Through our conferences and workshops, we aim to celebrate the culture, art, politics and community around medicine plants in the hope to better wellbeing for humankind and the planet.

To find out more about what we do, head over to our organisational website. If you like what you see, take a look at our upcoming Garden States 2021 Botanical Conference program.  

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