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The Corroboree
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Raver Buddy

Wanted: SEEDS Trich. Olivia X Scopulicola (or Others Known for Making Freaks, Monsters & Crestata in High %)

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I'm looking for Seeds for Trich. Pach. Olivia X Scopulicola. I'm interested in this cross because from what I've heard they produce approx 70% of seedlings in a monstrose or crestata form. Each looking very unique. Any other crossed seeds of from Trichs that are very high in producing monstrose or crestata forms are very welcome. I'm happy to pay for them. Any links or info is apprecieated.


I've read a rumour on here that Trich. Oscar X Olivia seeds also produce high numbers of monstrose & crestata forms but I have no idea on what percent. So I'm Interested in this cross if anyone has it and has some info on what percent grow monstrose or crestata?

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