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The Corroboree

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I've had some strange twists, turns and flat out walls in my spiritual path and would love to hear some other opinions on the matter

From what i can gather at this point in my journey is:

Through all senses (sight, touch, taste etc) and ones science has not yet discovered, data is constantly being input into our bodies and minds.

This data can be transmitted through physical matter or by energetic means an example being magnetism. This translation of constant transmitted data between everything and anything is what we perceive as "spiritual".

At the start of my spiritual journey it was very easy for me to accept spirituality but now i need a logic and evidence to back up any claim i have to prove its more than imagination (or ego) 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

-Thanks all :)   


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I think I'm following you here-- I've arrived at the conclusion that 'spirit' is energy which exists on a spectrum that we, as humans, don't have the ability to measure yet-- in the way that ultraviolet radiation was unmeasurable up until recently.


'Spirituality' to me is simply a catch-all for 'who fuckin' knows-' concepts too vast for our tiny little minds to comprehend. I am quite resolute in my belief that our existence (humanity,) is a statistical inevitability- the result of an incalculable number of chemical/energetic/whatever reactions occuring over an incomprehensible period of time. Perhaps what people experience on the Dimmy Trims (I must admit, I am not Experienced; I'm fascinated beyond belief but not currently in a position to challenge the status quo of my day-to-day life ...) re: entities and such is a glimpse into the vast possibility of what is, or what may be.

There is no inherent purpose to life, we're just here... Which is the hardest thing to deal with, and why we all have such heavily exaggerated coping mechanisms. This initially struck me as incredibly depressing, until I realised some years later that it actually affords ultimate freedom. The only purpose to life is that which we create for ourselves.


As to where it all comes from, I have absolutely no idea :P just the belief that you, and I, the frogs and birds and plants outside my window, my desk and all the hideously condensed energy comprising my laptop and the Intarwub waves flowing from my USB dongle share the same basic 'consciousness' by virtue of our very existence. I enjoy very much the concept of nirguna brahman; formless, pre-verbal, comprising all of the energies, principles and practices of the universe including itself in one mind-bendingly inaccessible mental construct. Even the attempt of constraining it within the term 'brahman' is a misnomer as everything that ever was, is or could be at the state before it attains corporeality is implied.


What I like the most about arriving at this point of view is that it allows me some flexibility in my experience of the world... for example, there's no reason that I have to entirely discount something such as ESP, as it could possibly be a way of perceiving things which lie outside a spectrum of 'energy,' for lack of a better term, that most can perceive.

The main conclusion I have arrived at is simply that there is no vengeful creator God hating on me every time I rub one out, or calling the shots and dishing out preferential treatment. Human spirit may well hang around after death, transmigration of the soul may well be a thing... There's just no reason for it.


This is a rambling summary of where I am at right now. Come speak to me again in a year and no doubt I'll tell you something different :)

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Incredibly worded!

I agree! Why as human beings should we know everything?

We seem to know enough to survive.

I believe that slowly we will be able to better tap into these "energies" and improve communication with everything.

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