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The wonderful Mr X has collected some trichocereus seed pods from his magnificent garden again this year.


There are 20 packs of seeds up for grabs, 40 + seeds (many have way more)  in each bag, x 6 varieties of open pollinated trichocereus seeds in each pack.






the varieties are -

ABG Werdermannius op

Psycho0 op

Cuzcoensis 1 op

Bruce op

Spachianus op

Cuzcoensis 2 op



This year its not so much of a give away as you have to donate $20au to the forum to get your packs of seeds.

$20au donation, includes the 6 packs of seeds and postage to anywhere in the world.



if you'd like these seeds then you must do the following -


1, Donate $20au to the forum for server costs, the donation bar is up the top on the right hand side of the home page, click on this and follow the directions


2, Screen shot the receipt info proving that you have made the $20au donation.


3, Send me a message, attach the screen shot proving that you have made the donation. Also in this message supply the address you'd like the seeds sent to.


4, I will respond and let you know that your seeds have been sent.


5, Post on this tread with your number so people know how many packs are left etc........ So if your the first to buy a pack of seeds then you would post 'number 1', then the next person would post 'number 2'  etc......



Important -

If you'd like tracking or another postal feature then you will need to include this info in your message to me, this will cost a little bit more for you as i have to pay extra for this.

Seeds will be sent once, if your seeds do not arrive they cannot be replaced as there are limited numbers.

Please check out my trade rep for conformation your seeds will be sent, no worries.


Some varieties of these seeds will be available as 'buy it now's' on ebay, this is to raise the money to pay for the postage etc.......



This is good value and the proceeds go to the forum................ moist.







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nice one Spooge i bought some of the ebay seeds and i think im gna go donate to the site too but not entering the comp tho,.. just wanned to say thanks for the idea while I can afford it !


what an awesome and kind offer and cool thing for the SAB community ! 

if i get any success on raising this round of seedlings shall I post them here?

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wow vOP germ'd fast ! 

2017-05-01 11.21.15.jpg2017-05-01 11.21.30.jpg

4 days later,,..

2017-05-05 20.56.49.jpg2017-05-05 20.57.18.jpg2017-05-05 20.55.56.jpg

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