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The Corroboree

Seeking pachanoi, peruviana, lageniformis, williamsii Seeds

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Hi peoples. I have decided to get back into old hobbies and this site helped me out LOADS years ago. Ok long story short I am looking to buy Echinopsis pachanoi, peruviana, and lageniformis seeds. Also Lophophora williamsii seeds. I think one slow growing species of cacti is enough...

I want to have a go trying to sow seeds instead of cuttings, I think this would be a much more rewarding experience. Although if I have a hard time finding seeds then I can be happy with cuttings. Also I rather buy from users here as I don't trust some sites honesty with the species they provide, plus I figured its better to support people here that can put the money to better use.

Please and thank you!


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