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Hi Everyone, Its my first post but I have been a long time lurker.

Lot 1. E.Sinica. lots of 5 seeds. Collected last month.

Lot 2. E.Nevadensis. Lots of 5 seeds. Collected last month.

I am looking to complete a collection in particular. I have many Salvia varieties but am yet to find the pinnicle plant I have searched so long for. Can anyone help?

If anyone has any starter packs of interesting plants/seeds they could sling my way I would be happy to pay, trade, gift some seed on the Aussie trade link or just say thanks :-)


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Thanks everyone for your offers.

I understand the hesitation in dealing with a newbie. If you are interested in anything PM me an address and I will send out a sample to show there is nothing untoward going on and you can send me a surprise back.

Lot 1 has been traded out. I'll have a scratch around for a few more this morning but more will become available in the next fortnight.

Lot 2 10 left.

All the best

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