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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there I hope you are all having a wonderful time in your pieces of front, back or indoor eden!!! I would like to begin here a discussion on plant use and non prescription purchaseables [for example progesterone cream] for the purpose of feminization and femme enhancement for those like me who were born half way there already and identify as female so that there is some kind of information log for reference for aspiring trans girls and cisfemales who may also benefit from the discussion in time. I would like to discuss the effects and share this path as I find it and try to successfully navigate it ... but I am not in any way giving advice on things I only just familiarized myself with and some I am yet to know.. this is very new to me ... and so is to be open and honest about it and last 3 times I tried to come out I was nearly killed , the first two being also racially incited so I came out for good to the greater public on facebook on january 1st )after doing so to my priority peeps here and my son and bro) to the wider and public world after catalyzing via a few helpful and in some parts less than helpful: threads here on SAB. ... .... ..... so ...... Please no hater comments , if you don't like what you see then it's clearly not for your eyes or your words and this intends to be somewhere to shoot the shit not to throw it. Ok so first off I first heard of Pueraria mirifica on this forum somewhere while I was searching for another Pueraria to grow for reasons of proximity healing in the event that it worked for a neurological condition because I like to keep a representative shamanic living relic of those nature spirits and if possible pharmacologicals (eg i used xylocaine so i feel the need to grow a rep plant : coca) whom I fall in love with ... or perhaps a dead relic like a crystal or log of the trunk maybe .. to represent it if necessary... So off the bat I am dying to grow this miracle herb whom I see as my ultimate tool of the shamanic arsenal !!!! ....that I started using about 2 years ago haphazardly in secret but by august last year was following the dosage on the jar of 200mg tablet 3 times a day ... then in january an increase to 800mg 3 times a day and now with having bought some 500mg caplets ... 2000mg 3 times a day and often with my being forgetful and my waking days spanning 2 or more days at a time .. so probably more and has made my boobs get harder and begin to grow even bigger since about november last year !!! YAY!!! They're pretty sore though but I put that down to them generating I recently bought progesterone cream to rub into the smaller boob .. maybe 3 weeks ago? - appears to have worked well toward almost symmetry already!! , it feels also good to use on my face and for some reason it feels like my selfies are gradually getting prettier and the attention they've had on facebook from all walks of life and sways of gender or sexuality have been indicative I believe to at least a certain extent So anyhow with that creams success I decided to also try some Pueraria mirifica cream. I hear rumours that over using femme hormones can lead to conversion back to T ... But not sure if that is synthetics only or phyto's too but when I tried to go to the drs dressed as a woman in 2006-2009 I was laughed out by one, refused to be taken seriously by another, told it was just a phase by another and accused of mental health issues over it by the one i gave up on ... so I never really got any help from the GP ... I don't wanna have the op or any implants ... that's the way it is for me and I won't be changing it so there's no need to ask that question now. I will add some pics I guess :3 starting with most recent and going in reverse order as I find them and hope you can notice the progression in the face pics and tell me if it is so as I think it is.. there probably wont be much to show in the way of boob progression history since its only recently anyone had me photograph them so: warning ... titty shots ahead, exit thread now if that's a problem here's a nice music track to save you scrolling down any further out of kind consideration to your eyes if it would be a problem :3 .....but back on track: I guess there's not a better constructive critic than an external pair of eyes with the right minerals as far as the face pics go... and hopefully will show some transformation in reverse ... and thus, the power of Pueraria mirifica over 1 month and 15 days ...
  2. Hello, I've been doing a lot of research and would love to get any feedback on my first attempt at a Mitragyna Speciosa tissue culture (which is legal plant/tree in my location). I know there are a few threads on here that have addressed this (shonman, Darklight), and I'm not sure if I should post on there and resurrect, or just start a new topic/thread; don't want to hijack shonman's thread, so I'm starting this as a new thread. I appreciate the time, energy, and resources that the members here have put into their practice, and would love to politely pick their brains; I understand that experience was hard-won, so I don't want to offend and ask for "info-freebies". My first hurdle is that I have limited mother plant material, and would really like to have at least one successful replication before I run out of plant. I've been working on this for a few months and have not had one yet; many were lost to contamination. A little about my method: -Working under plastic bin hood - WPM at label suggested strength - SIDNC (Milton Tablets) at 5000ppm for 15 minutes, but I wonder if my tissue samples are too large? Anyone tried 300-400ppm for 24 or so hours? -I also mix the SIDNC into the medium at 0.032%, but having a hard time adding it at the right time (ie. low enough temp to keep avail chlorine) without the medium ending up a little too soft. It's almost as if I need to heat/microwave the medium again, but that would destroy the SIDNC protection, right? For medium prep via microwave, pre SIDNC, how long do you let it boil? - 10% v/v coconut water - 4% Honey - 0.5 mg/l TDZ (this strength was at suggestion of fellow practitioner, open to suggestions on strength or using it at all?) Best way to dissolve TDZ powder? I've heard that petioles are best with this species (can anyone confirm that; goal is micropropagation) (I knocked off a leaf, so I decided to try that also, anyone had success with leaves of this plant?) What's the best way to position the sample on/in the medium? Size and cut of sample? Has anyone been able to micropropagate this with only two phases of medium (#1 medium=produce shoots AND roots, then #2 medium=hardening), OR does it need three phases of medium (#1=shoots, #2=roots, #3=hardening), OR four phases of medium (#1=callus, #2=shoots, #3=roots, #4=hardening) OR different combo...? Any thoughts on hormone use for these phases, I know 2,4 D is good for this particular plant to produce callus, but callus is not my end goal, Im not sure how to get callus to reorganize to shoots & roots. Air supply (hole in lid), I've read both nays and yays as to whether or not it needs it, right now, no holes, too worried about dust mites, etc getting in. I saw a thread post on here from a few years ago saying there might be an article/paper/protocol put out or published on this by Darklight and a few others, did that ever happen? I searched and searched, but could not find anything; I wish there were a manual for this;) After jumping in and doing a few trial runs, I can deeply appreciate how challenging and rewarding this can be. I wholeheartedly appreciate any and all feedback and tips! And I hope I've followed proper protocol for rules and etiquette on this post! I normally keep to myself, but after lack of success I realized I needed to reach out for help on this one. I only have pics of my most recent batch. The last one (#5) must be contaminated, can anyone "Name That Contam"?