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  1. Hey guys, I've got 7 plates of L. edodes, specifically the Shiitake 75 strain. These are plates that I left out in the lab and forgot about for a little while. They're all pure cultures (90mm MEA plates), though they have begun to form small fruits so I'm not going to sell them or throw them out, instead give them away. All i ask is that postage is covered by the receiver, and postage is $8.25 through auspost.

    If anyone is interested, shoot me a pm or email me at [email protected]



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  2. Hi, I've recently become a registered sole trader and in support of the community who helped supply me with much needed cultures, I'd like to return the favor. This offer is aimed at amateur mycologists or those interested in mycology without higher end equipment.

    The Offer:

    I'd like to offer a cloning (or isolation) service to anyone looking to put a species onto agar. I'll get this out of the way first, this offer is applicable only for species legal to possess live. If you have spores or a wild specimen that you'd like to get onto agar, or need a clone or isolation of an existing culture, PM me or contact me via email at [email protected]

    What I ask for the service is that shipping costs be covered by the purchaser and $12.00 to cover the cost of materials for the clone.

    I remember exactly what it was like to have to make do for equipment, and while it worked well in some situations, there's often something that just doesn't go correctly. While mycology was hobby for me, I was confined to a small glove box working with makeshift conditions that often ended in contaminations :). A few of thousand dollars later, and I've got a sterile, comfortable workplace.

    The setback of contamination was always a drain on the fun of the hobby for me, especially when it came down to hoping that I didn't stir up too much air in the glovebox, or when attempting to do anything with liquids at all in a small glove box. I want others to be able to enjoy mycology as much as I do, and having a live culture gives much more power when inoculating then trying to start from spores that are hopefully sterile.

    Kind Regards,


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  3. Hey, I've bought a flow hood recently and havent had the chance to test it out yet, I'd like to do up a few batches of white oyster LC & a couple of plates, though I dont have a live culture to work from. If anyone has a slant, plate, wedge or a syringe of lc at all I'll happily pay them.



  4. I haven't made a brew of any sort but my nexus is doing well in the same environment where my viridis died. I made a cutting which I'm sending on to another member which has given 5 shoots (all joined at the base unfortunately) from a single leaf. I'll try to make some more cuttings this summer and hopefully spread the plant around some more.

    It seems to tolerate moisture much more than my viridis did, the pot with the cutting is soaked most of the time and the cutting doesn't show any sign of trouble. The viridis I had previously had what looked like leaf rust and quickly dropped all of its leaves and died.

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  5. I've got a a few shoots of the hybrid P.'Nexus' made by Herbalistics, I've found it to be much more hardy than my last P.viridis (which didn't last too long). I can send you a shoot once it warms up a bit if you like, I think they're up to the 3rd set of leaves now. They're really prolific via leaf cuttings, got 3 shoots from a single leaf.

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  6. I bought 24 dishes from http://www.proscitech.com.au earlier this week, they seem to be of better quality and fewer were cracked than the ones I got from wiltronics the other day, though the proscitech dishes were a bit more expensive. I generally stick to glass, though they can be a bit slippery with isopropyl on your gloves.

    1/2 pint jars work aswell, I used them before I got any dishes, though they're a bit fiddly to get the lids on and off in the glovebox.

  7. In the spirit of the holiday, I've got a P. Cubensis print to be given away for microscopy. It's a shame that I don't have more, but this is all that I can spare. I'll send it to the first person to PM me and post in this thread.

    Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a good one.

  8. Acacias:

    5 - maidenii

    6 - acuminata

    2 - floribunda

    5 - melanoxylon

    2 - nilotica

    12 - concurrens and leiocalyx mix (25 seeds in each)

    12 - podalyriifolia (25 seeds each)

    other ethnos:

    4 - mugwort (around 30 - 50 seeds each)

    1 - ipomoea violacea (heavenly blue)

    1 - lobelia inflata (viability unknown)

    1 - calea zacatechichi

    1 - targets lucida (viability unknown)

    1 - psychotria viridis (viability unknown)

    1 - psychotria carth (viability unknown)

    3 - unknown delosperma sp. (cooperi i think)

    - skullcap (lateriflora)

    1 - panax ginseng (3 seeds)

    3 - phalaris arundinacea (about 50+ seeds each)

    1 - Areca catechu (betel nut palm) (3 seeds/ nuts) (viability unknown, quite old now 1 year+)

    Veggies: (most seeds from my garden)

    2 - spring onion

    2 - beetroot

    2 - parsley

    2 - thyme

    2 - dill

    2 - rocket

    2 - coriander

    4 - oregano

    4 - lettuce (sativa)

    2 - sage

    2 - rosemary

    2 - minette basil


    5 - tiny tim/ tommy toe/ tumbling tom (lycopersicon esculentum)

    3 - Roma


    2 - green (oleracea var italica)

    2 - purple (brassica oleracea)

    2 - geometric (romanesco)

    Good on you man, this is a fair size giveaway.

  9. Depends on what kind of climate you're talking about I suppose.

    I've got 'Bush Tucker' by Tim Low. It's a 233 page book covering wild edibles across different parts of Australia. While I wouldn't use it as a field guide, it's definitely an interesting read.

    Not too sure of a book on native medicines though.

    Edit: looks like qualia beat me to it. If you're going to pick one of the two, I'd probably go with the field guide.