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  1. Yeah, the old person u remember is just a small tickle in the back on my personality now.. which isn’t a bad thing. 

    Think I’ll do the same, not sure how viable the seeds will be but I got about 35 10packs of assorted plants/cacti I’m willing to chuck in. 

  2. Hey all, 


    I used to be a forum user about 10 years ago but had to stop for personal reasons… 


    things in life have stabilised now and I’m keen to get back into gardening and growing my collection (cactus mainly, miniatures) further but the forum doesn’t seem to be the “it” place any more.. what’s happened? What’s changed? Where’s the new “it” place? 

    to dust off an old chestnut: I used to be with 'it', but then they changed what 'it' was.Now what I'm with isn't 'it' anymore and what's 'it' seems weird and scary.It'll happen to you!Grandpa Simpson”


    hope everyone had a great weekend! 


  3. I’ve got a bare rooted retusus thats in rough shape I’d be be willing to trade with for 1 or 2 of them.


    by rough shape I mean, he is very much a live and well doing well on his water storage, just needs fresh pottage and some water in him. He flowered about 3 years ago.

  4. these all sound like really great idea's, but, i remember reading somewhere in regards to false ID's..

    Perhaps these "sub-forums" and what not could become visible once your group status is updated by various trades via already x-group status members? ... :unsure:

    *goes back to his dark corner and waits*

  5. its a shame that unless these are protected by people who can truly appreciate them that they will be lost forever..

    Scribes are gone.. Wont be long before what they left behind is gone too... An art dies for technologies sake.

    Btw, Thanks for the link muskrat :).. i find the history and story of the book just as interesting as the contents of the book itself.

  6. The pics aren't the absolute best for id'ing, but it just looks like your garden variety PC pachanoi to me.


    yea, i figured as much... Just, that pup is so plump and fat (top).. Kinda has me in awe :P very fat pach :o

    sorry for quality, camera phone at a mates place.. im in love :wub: . imma make her mine and do stuff to her.. :) Thanks ballzac :)

  7. my Opa fought in WWII, the german side... should i be taking offence to being called a nazi? ... True, i dont like being called one but after so many years, u adjust and u learn... Ignorant people just need something to bitch about and well, history doesnt go away :P

    Why must everything be degraded down to the "Nazi level"...?

    Ugh.. why not make a simple comparison to communism? or elitism? or something along those lines? No, straight for the blonde hair and blue eyed enforcers. Just seems low and somewhat insulting at an intellectual level.. :BANGHEAD2: "lets have a discussion" "Ok, NAZI!"

    Dont make me Zeig Heil my way out of this community just because i can march, produce the flag and sing the original national anthem... and get a big red banner happening...

    Im not that person.. But have been taught and brought up with that mentality. And have chosen to accept my grandfather as he is, a soldier from a different time.. and i accept you as you are, a douche who needs a tissue...

    Thats about enough racial-ism i can handle..