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  1. Edit~ Nevermind, searched the store, a little out of my price range
  2. Ill take them ;) VVVVV 10g Gets poppy seeds (From someones aunt in Turkey) VVVVVVVV
  3. Ulca

    Amanita Muscaria

    I have been very interested in this mushroom for a long time, what exactly is its legal status?...
  4. Ulca

    Amanita Muscaria

    On the subject of beauty, which is my main interest of starting this thread.... is there a way to remove all scheduled substances from the mushroom through varied substrates and such...?
  5. exactly the same conclusion i came to.. i also purchased spores from here (for $50)... alot easier, less hassle (customs) and still works out to the same price..
  6. Ulca

    Australian Free Seed Ring

    Hi everyone, Just came in here looking for a garden expander... at the moment, my garden is cacti, surrounded by vine plants (blue colours), i was after some plants to offset the blue/green colouring, perhaps add some yellow/white in there... Any advice?
  7. Ill take those!! Thanks =) VVVV t.pacho tip cutting VVVVV
  8. Ulca

    Amanita Muscaria

    What substance is scheduled? Edit~ The mushrooms themselves or a substance contained in the mushroom?
  9. Ulca

    The Official Sydney SAB Fungal Foray thread

    Lmao, yea i know.. he didnt think i was "Wise" enough.. >.< cant blame him, im still sorta paranoid.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the adventure!! ...
  10. Ulca

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    removed... sorry :\
  11. Ulca

    The Official Sydney SAB Fungal Foray thread

    OH COME ON!!!! This year (month) was going to be my first hunt, ever!.. i finally con'd my old man into giving me his old hunting locations(i had to do 2 years of studying on various sites before he would tell me the locations), have been getting my mates all excited bout the hunt for about 2 weeks... Just to come here & read that all you fuckers plan on going on a shroom raid in groups!! >.<! ... Room for one more?? JKing!! Sounds like fun tho!! =) Best of luck, Fingers crossed for a lil bit of god piss =)
  12. Thanks guys =) ... Love this site.
  13. Hi, i wish to purchase a p.cubensis spore print(for mycology study), B+ if i have a choice, but, i am not picky at the moment.. Im very enthusiastic about getting started in the field of mycology. and i would really appreciate anyone willing to help me get started. Im offering $40 + p/h costs. Im located in NSW, Sydney. Please drop me a message, thank you.
  14. Ulca

    Spore Print ~ (Mycology purposes)

    dont feel bad, if anything, i would consider it a price drop compared to online vendors. I have no issue at all with this price.. Email is [email protected] ~ MSN