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  1. There is a power play going on with Biosecurity (which quarantine now under) down here and there has been some over enthusiastic power hungry public servants.


    They'll usually use the package has contaminants, vegetative material or the big taboo soil. 


    Covid has had the effect of empowering some agencies, and cvnts. 


    Tobacco excise applies to producing and dealing in tobacco leaf as a tobacco product. Also for controls of the movement of tobacco leaf ( prevent diversion to chop chop etc). 


    The seed, leaf and plant is not up for excise until there is intent for use as a tobacco product.... Where the tax is. 


    The whole poppy seed saga recently has been a bit embarrassing to Biosecurity on the public and political front... Theyll be some over enthusiastic actions if they can justify it in their grey matter. 


  2. What a fuck up, heads should roll. 


    Morphine and thebaine types are processed and stored in different facilities.To protect the thebaine genetics and to stop escape into food supply. 


    Tas Alks has been supplying morph type seed for food seed forever. 


    PST was always Russian roulette, without this dumbfuckery. 


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  3. r/shroomers









    r/doommetal (:wink:













    Lol.. Might give you a few places to link off from mate. Won't put up my prepper, porno and bizarre reddits.



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  4. A tale from many moons ago when a beaker I know was threatened to be charged with importing ephedrine.... Contained within ephedra seeds.... Which don't contain ephedrine... 


    " Test it ya fuckwit and get back to me..." 

    Lots of attempted stand over letters/emails, but the doubt held back going to prosecution. A few good months of correspondence. 


    If they went gung ho then the onus would be back to the beaker to pay the costs of testing etc...IF the seeds were still held as evidence, although in this case I believe they were destroyed immediately hence they border monkeys put themselves in the corner to attempt a successful prosecution. 


    Presumption of innocence is a fallacy a lot of folk that haven't appeared before a court or two hold. Then it becomes a battle of wealth... 


    Conflating innocence, proclaimed individual rights and human rights is a superficial take on complex matters. 

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  5. 15 hours ago, 2XB said:

    yikes at the wikipedia link :unsure: using cubisms guide to lend credibility to a 'scientific' media article, I feel this fails! I mean I know its not scientific media,but surely we can apply the same logic to an online encyclopedia?

    LOL... Yes it is the red headed step child of encyclopaedias, but it's better than some of that shit the "Researchers" come up with. 


    What you want a thesis... You know you could use that as a stepping stone... As you should


    Honestly that's the best you've got... FFS... Half the challenged wouldn't know science if it did actually violate them... 


    Same crew that had a doc front up and have Trump endorse that claimed all illness is demons.. Same crew that caused the hydroxychloroquine shortage... 


    How about the telehealth quacks they set up fleecing folk, prescribing treatments not endorsed (or proven for that matter) through their own pharmacies... LOL 


    Some of you will clutch at anything, I dunno why some just don't come out and say exactly what the issues are, instead of touting bullshit... 


    Truths hurt sometimes... 

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  6. On 22/10/2021 at 8:16 AM, Zedo said:

    or American frontline doctors. 

    Oh shit.... They ain't reporting ANY science OR investigative reporting. They be grifting... 


    America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is an American conservative political organization. Affiliated with Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin and publicly led by Simone Gold, the group is opposed to measures intended to control the COVID-19 pandemic, including lockdowns and vaccination, and have been accused of promoting misleading information related to the pandemic.


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