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  1. On that note at EGA a few years ago there was a great talk about addictions that showed that nicotine when administered why a doctor was non-addictive but when self administered by the patient was addictive

  2. I don't like wars and I think hillary has a higher chance of taking the US to war than trump does, if that answers your question :P



    So Trump is a means to justify an end?


    I see him trying to cash out as much as any of the other wealthy families. Right now he's rich but he wants to be wealthy like the other bloodlines. It is fun watching him piss them off though I will give you that for sure. The amount of propaganda that even gets put in the papers here I find astounding.


    Trey Gowdy is a good choice.

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  3. Very interesting.


    I'm quite sure the farmer who owned the property wasn't that ebayer though. These were found on the property hosting the 'River Dreaming Festival' doof. A friend mentioned to the property owner about how he liked the cacti and he replied in short "Why would you like cacti?". He didn't seem to hold any value to it, more of something that was just growing and had been there for a while. His family had owned the property for around 100 years so it came there sometime within that period.

    If you look in the background you can see a massive san pedro too, he had some huasca and spachianus, a few others too.



    I wanted to pay him for a cutting but it never came up, by the end he seemed a little irate at the condition people were leaving the grounds in among other things.

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  4. On 9/18/2016 at 3:42 PM, Distracted said:

    Adelaide rains, I took this photo yesterday at the end of my road.


    The actual river is somewhere on the left



    This is how it looks now after the storm


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  5. My experience with putting rocks like that to cover the soil is if there are too many rocks then sunlight won't hit the soil and the soil will remain damp for extended periods of time which can encourage rot.


    I would've just left them as is or put two or three rocks around it. They're only 6 inches tall, it's not as if they have far to fall if they do fall. :D


    In short, i'd recommend only a few stabilizing rocks among the base of the cactus, not covering the whole top-layer of soil with them.

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