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    Post a random picture thread

  2. Distracted

    Issues uploading photos

    I don't want to upload any more in case it happens again :/
  3. Damn, lots more than what i've seen so far this year!
  4. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

  5. Distracted

    ID request: urban Melbourne

    Psathyrella longipes? Either way a fairly uninteresting mushroom
  6. Distracted

    trump minus bannon

    How can you tell which media you can trust? Is it the sites that say "This is what the MSM doesn't want you to know!" As far as i'm concerned I have no reason to believe anything Trump has said he'll do, much like every other politician i've ever witnessed that has spouted mouth words. Personally I find it better to read/listen to (unedited) Trump's interviews... they show a clearer picture of the sociopath he is. I don't see why any world leaders would be rattled by Trump, he seems like he'd be quite easy to control, most afraid people are.
  7. Distracted

    Local Mushrooms, ID. Warning - Picture heavy.

    1) Amanita muscaria 2) annoying mushroom, has a hollow stem? not sure of the name and can't be bothered checking up lol 3) Lactarius deliciosus (or one of the other similar types, i'm not sure, can see a little bit of concentric rings from the open one, either way i'd eat it) rest of your pics won't load :'( Sorry i'm like a month late, still be plenty of saffron milky caps you can pick, they're delicious!
  8. Distracted

    Agaricus xanthodermus

    They go pretty nuts in Adelaide all over peoples front lawns.
  9. You can lead a cacti to water but you cannot make it root.
  10. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

    Stand your ground! Kitty in the foreground is now in the ground.
  11. Distracted

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Taken today, 08/05/16 Why is my graft still flowering/fruiting in May? lol
  12. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

    Made a picture i took of my cat into an alex grey painting
  13. Distracted

    Acacia Trees for Everyone! (Finished)

    Do you have any left you'd be willing to ship to SA? Specifically confusa or obtusifolia?
  14. Distracted

    Yopo Identification - rapid leaf movement?

    No-one mentions tenuiflora reacting to touch? Strange. I remember my vilca closing it's leaves at night or when stressed.
  15. We all went out and got government jobs.
  16. (url removed to prevent confusion) Hey I'm trying out something different tonight. I'm doing some grafts live on webcam if anyone wanted to check it out and have a chat. The chat is currently live but the grafting will not start until 7pm AEDT (Sydney time) I'll be grafting some jourdaniana, some misc lophs, some variations, whatever I can cut and salvage! (url removed to prevent confusion) It's on tinypic at the moment as the only other free hosting i know would kick me if they saw me smoking on webcam. Feel free to stop by and say hi, put a face to the name etc, buy me some lottery tickets or take pictures of dead flowers in brand new vases.
  17. (url removed to prevent confusion) Funny stories. If I had a dollar for every funny story i've been told... i'd have three dollars. Tinychat is up and running, an hour of prep time where i'm running around, then at 7pm AEDT i'll do a few more grafts, talk about post graft care and repot a few unhappy cacti (url removed to prevent confusion)
  18. I can do some more next thursday, same time. Hopefully this time better lighting, better cam! It's kind awkward having to graft while being mindful of the camera's position, something i need to work on too
  19. Well that was fun. To whoever came along for the ride, hope you enjoyed and learned something. Ended up doing 2x Jourdaniana 4x texana 2x williamsii 2x williamsii var caespitosa
  20. I think the way to get people to stay in 'dropkick retail worker' jobs is to dose them out cannabis. It allows people to become comfortable about things that society says they should change. Personally I think all retails workers should feel bad about the life choices they make, they're obviously a part of a lower social caste than us.
  21. Distracted

    Animals in your garden

    Found this guy in a pot under a pot. He was a but over 30cm long, didn't like being disturbed.
  22. Distracted

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    My strange flower bud! Hopefully this works this time.
  23. Distracted

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    I don't know what's going on here. This is a neglected PC on it's side that has pupped or budded? Pretty sure it was always a flower bud.
  24. Distracted

    Grafting onto unrooted stock

    Freshly growing tips will give the best strike rate. If you use logs or such the vascular core of the stock can rescind away from the graft separating the two parts that you need to fuse together. You can probably use whatever width you want for the logs really. You can see in my photo the stock I used was neglected as fuck. The minimum length i've grafted to was about 7cm? If the cuts are unrooted don't expect graft growth in the first year as your plant will be focusing it's energy on sending out roots to secure long-term growth. Graft anytime the stock is actively growing. As soon as you see new growth you can graft. I'm usually a lazy grafter, i'll graft at the end of the growing season once all my grafts pups have grown to a reasonable size. This'll also allow the graft to settle in completely so by the time the growing season has started they'll hit the ground running(unscientific observation, could be wrong) I leave them in stockings for 4-6 days depending on how confident I am with them. I'll then leave them indoors for another week or so again until i'm confident. If the stock is rooted don't water it until you can see new growth in the graft. If you leave them indoors for 2 weeks or more expect etoliation, treat exposure to sun with extreme care. Ideally it's better to have them set in a 'sun room' or something similar that receives no direct sunlight and only partial filtered sunlight during the day. Some random newbie advice If you've done a whole bunch of grafts and all of them have taken except for one or a few you might think that you did the dormant ones wrong and want to degraft them to attempt them again. I recommend not to. In my experience more 'dormant' grafts have actually been successful than unsuccessful. Do not degraft unless you know 100% it has failed or it easily comes apart. Nowadays when I have a loph pup i'll cut it in half and graft both the top and the bottom. I find the bottom grafts more ascetically pleasing as the pups aren't crowding themselves as much. Have fun! I was tempting to make a thread from the pictures but i really liked the idea of the gardinspiration thread and wanted more people to post their easy ghetto projects :D