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  1. This thread has some serious bitches! (not a noun, a verb) Is there anybody here who has an unchipped shoulder?
  2. Cats are like humans in that way, controllable to a point but still conniving and self serving.
  3. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

  4. Distracted

    Determining Cacti Value by weight.

    Write it in their reputation thread. All valid points though, i've had the fortune of only getting good deals from people so far online
  5. Cool article. I was very into dissecting old propaganda posters when I was younger. I love this kind of overt symbolism, a picture paints a thousand words eh?
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    Sunset in Melbourne, Vic, AUs

  7. Distracted

    10 000 hrs + of meditation, or ...

    2 grams of subs is enough. The biggest problem i've had is that the realisations can't be enacted upon at the time due to your inebriation. I can't come out and say any single event has changed my outlook and lifestyle for the better which is one of the main goals of psychedelic therapy... but I have certainly become more accepting of the choices i've made in life and the journey I am on.
  8. Distracted

    10 000 hrs + of meditation, or ...

    I'd beleive it. I've been in some strange states I thought were normal that i've read up on as end goals for meditation masters :/ To know nothing is to recognise everything.
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    Post a random picture thread

  10. Distracted

    What cool stuff have you found at bunnings?

    Some weirdo 'assorted colours' plant it was a random flowering plant that looked more like a caterpillar, looked like a crested flower.
  11. Distracted

    torrent invites / trade

    I can give out an invite to funfile.org, they love their zero day releases, 720p etc also does a 200gb 1080p movie pack each month shoot me a pm with your email address and i'll send off an invite.
  12. Sweet, $1000 sounds pretty good for a $200 investment. Funnily enough I won on my first ticket, the rest of the 49 tickets are donations to the cause! No matter what's in the hamper, this is the best prize i've ever won.
  13. I got second prize!!!!! What does that actually mean?
  14. Inside looks cool, outside looks absolutely horrible.
  15. Distracted

    BAstard cat! ... woke me up ..... (!?) just to fahkin bite me

    What you call vermin we call marsupials. 300 years ago Australia had no 'domestic' cats, none of our wildlife has ever had to adapt until now. I don't blame anyone who shoots feral cats on sight. Just like I don't blame people for pushing to have all cats locked up 24/7 even though I personally don't lock my cat up.
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    Post a random picture thread

    fucking beautifully stained crystals!
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    rap news 30 the new world order

    I'm really jaded about these guys now... Haven't liked the way they've been doing it for quite a few months... seems sterile compared to their earlier shit.
  18. Distracted

    Psychotic child cheeseburger cult goes nuts in WA

    WTF, they're putting magnesium in our drinking water to curb our aggression? I demand all magnesium be removed from my water!
  19. Distracted

    BAstard cat! ... woke me up ..... (!?) just to fahkin bite me

    Cats are extremely ritualistic and often their behaviours have already been set through positive reinforcement. IE cat scratches you one time, you open the door and let it out. It then realises the way to get a door to open is to scratch you. I've heard of a cat doing similar things by scratching a sofa, ie everytime the cat scratched the sofa it would be thrown out so the cat realised if it wanted to go out it would scratch the sofa! Try not to break too many rituals, it causes them great stress which can trigger manic grooming or purring (which isn't always a sign that it likes what you're doing). Cats are control freaks and living with humans without control over their water or food and often without control of where they can go can be quite stressful. I love cats... my cat wakes me up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off so I can turn the laundry tap on and let him drink. Funnily enough I start work at different times... but he still manages to get it right. When he was smaller he would wake me up by biting the inside of my nose, now he gently boops me in the nose. When I lived in another house my cat would have strange ways to communicate with me. He would sit and stare into a corner, which corner depended on whether he was hungry or thirsty. Sometimes I wish I could understand him better... but I feel that would take away the mystique o the cat... It's fun to watch them run after nothing, stop and jump mid run then run the other way.
  20. So... how many tickets have been sold so far?
  21. Distracted


    I'm pretty sure it's a real thing. I would know, i'm from Australia.
  22. Distracted

    What fertiliser do you use on your cacti ?

    I've used powerfeed for a bit, pretty easy to split loph grafts without much use at all.
  23. Distracted

    ferguson livestream

    The area is question is largely populated by minorities but enforced by whitey. So the demographic of rioters/protestors/looters will reflect on the population... which happens to be black. With that said i've seen tonnes of white people joining in the march against murdering police officers.
  24. Distracted

    ferguson livestream

    aahahahah just watched a bunch of people loot a home depot live! This cam is fucking awesome
  25. Distracted

    Post a random picture thread

    Write some poetry ya cunts