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  1. yeah it's Germany. in some ways a very progressive place, in other ways not (e.g. Codex Alimentarius laws are already in place). but yes the different plants and fungi are very interesting for me too.

  2. the dark words on top are the common names of the mushroom (e.g. fliegenpilz = fly mushroom / fly argaric), and then below is the edibility (e.g. eßbar = edible, schwach giftig = slightly poisonous). It's a nice change to see factual info about amanita muscaria - normally in mushroom guides they have "DEADLY POISONOUS" plastered all over it!

    they are not actually for sale; there was this awesome guy in a strange coat and hat with a sign that said "Pilze sind unsere Freunde" (mushrooms are our friends) talking to people about mushrooms. I took photos as I have seen all these mushrooms in the forest but wasn't sure which were edible - turns out most are, but there are one or two deadly ones that are very hard to tell apart.

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  3. I believe the one in the foreground is a peruvianoid called Bruce, cutting courtesy of spacemonk, then a pachoni called peter, then a 6 yr old bridgesii that was attacked by a possum and barely survived to tell the tale :) photos are from september, hopefully they are enjoying their new home in the ground.