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    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway #2

    Kablam! That's tops, Gimli, you are a most gracious individual.
  2. freakazoid

    Just say "no" to sniffer dogs

    Bit of an ironic tangent, If you're a bit too "naughty list" with what's in your pocket, they put you in gaol "yeah, that'll sort 'em out."says society... gaols that are awash with illicit drugs and where you can have a one-on-one with a hardened drug smuggler AMA daily... Or for that matter, get to know every crim the joint (was that a pun?) Probably the single worse course of action if you want to stop crime spreading. but maybe that's the bit of this i'm trying to point to, they don't actually want to stop crime, if they did they'd be out of a job. They just want to find crime, that's their real job; shocking the public into giving them more money. pure hustle. "give us money, we need to find crime! it could be anywhere. it's everywhere! It's a problem in this society (run by criminals) We need heaps of money to find crime and then fine the people involved or put them in gaol" ooh, soapboxy. never been inside, in fact, I'm a cleanskin.
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    meme loves

  4. freakazoid

    Blood moon, lunar eclipse, super moon blahdy blah

    full heavy cloud cover there's always the TV version.... Ooh, and Happy Birthday, Waterboy.
  5. freakazoid

    Trump Watch

    ah, read it, so basically, this guy... needs to become this guy...
  6. freakazoid

    Trump Watch

    but can a resurgence in individualism, seemingly brought about by the internet itself existing (now wiring up all the average humans around the world) could the average modern human begin to rise up out of their institutions. like controlled carnage? the people who know how to ride it for maximum profit individually come undone because the people in favour of the collective win? i dunno, absolute democracy? is that the roman system petering itself out.the spectators decide? actually? finally? i'm going to hide now
  7. freakazoid

    Youtube vids

    This is the most Strayan!! Interview I’ve ever seen..... responsible choice What’s he like?
  8. freakazoid

    I'm high on life...

    Capt'n fuk'n Ahab.....
  9. freakazoid

    I'm high on life...

  10. freakazoid

    Post your word of the moment

  11. freakazoid

    Youtube vids

  12. freakazoid

    Documentary Recommendations?

    well, for extreme mountaineering stories, one of my personal favourites would be "touching the void" when it comes to Ken Burns, he did a 26(?) ep. doco series on the history of American Jazz which I found absolutely fascinating, new appreciation blah, blah. I wish it would pop up on the bay, but no....
  13. freakazoid

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

    ^I remember during sex ed. many, many years ago, one of the rumours was .... You can't piss with an erection, only sperm comes out experimentation proved that to be false these days, pissing with an erection hung upside down is much better, but it costs a lot for someone to "hang you"
  14. freakazoid

    Trump Watch

    Sooo much butthurt over the new book, makes me grin..... ”I am a very stable genius....” hahahahaha
  15. freakazoid

    What Weird Shyt R U into? NSFW

  16. freakazoid

    Jim Carey

    ^do you think he would make a good McKenna in a hollywood movie ? I think it would be a moment in his career....a defining one ?
  17. freakazoid

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Yay! could we perhaps start a new, fresh PM thread?? i went outside for a smoke and then tried to re-enter, the old one wouldn't let me back in
  18. freakazoid

    Man's Plot To Spike Entire City Of L.A's Water Supply With LSD

    Weaponising LSD and covertly administering it to a group of people. I wonder where these people get their idea’s from...
  19. freakazoid


    Hope you have a ball
  20. freakazoid

    Acacia alkaloid levels

    ^ Um...what about....for conservation purposes?...I guess there's the risk of some goofball tromping on in with dirty gumboots and introducing some pathogen or weed seeds e.t.c and wiping them out....but what about "experts in bringing a species back from the brink"?....would that be a good enough reason?... that whole Wollemi pine story springs to mind... I don't mean to call you out Glauky, I also, consider said wattle, some kinda super holy, sacred, like....unicorn wattle, but your last statement reads; forbidden under any circumstances. But i occasionally hear whispers of private collections having success with repopulation so maybe the wild one's should be left the fuck alone now...i dunno, just spending 2 cents..
  21. freakazoid

    don't cha hate it when..

    the annual march of the mosquitos. I know they play an important role in pollenisation and shit, but when they wake me up night after night with trying to get blood out of my earhole to raise a family, cos it's too hot to close the window but too poor for fly screening the fuk'n the things....parasite conundrum.... bill gates, get yer shit together already......however, being woken from my dreams four times in one night with the "bzzzzzzzz" does actually verge on lucid dreaming, or, allow me a few moments of dream respite/contemplation to briefly analyse what my subconscious is trying to tell me while i find and kill my personal bzzzzzer, and then resuming the dream state...like the intermission at the movies, several times over, interesting learning state but i'd prefer a decent night's sleep. you fucking malaria spawning,disease transmitting, bite welting, motherfuckers Fuck Off...ah, feel better already.....
  22. freakazoid

    Is god a computer programmer?

    ^ That's brilliant. As was Valentine's religion/cult/hippy commune with a creche run by a Boa Constrictor. but I'm going off topic....