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  1. Have re-listed:

    Tabernanthe iboga 1 pod picked fresh monthly and packed in sphagnum moss. May already be germinating in pod. Seeds of the superior round pod variety of Tabernanthe iboga. Very limited seasonal supply!!

    Turnera diffusa (Damiana) Plant The leaves have traditionally been used as a tea and an incense by native Central and South Americans for its relaxing effects and for stimulating the libido.

    New listings:

    Piper auritum (Hoja Santa) Herb 20g The Aztec's used Hoja Santa for bronchitis, laryngitis and asthma. Today Hoja Santa may stimulate digestion, relieve colic, for skin irritations and as a diuretic. Actions: stimulant, aphrodisiac, stomachic (Aztec use).

    Catha edulis f. narrow-leaf (Khat) Seed packet.

    Catha edulis f. green (Khat) Seed packet.


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