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  1. sharxx101

    Neglected cactus garden (PICTURE HEAVY)

    I wanna get all these strains/ hybrids of the bridgesii. Very nice collection!!! What is the differnce in the strains? I want to start add these babies to my collection!!!
  2. sharxx101

    T.Preuvianus & T.Bridgesii Hybrid

    Cool pic Teotz, mine look different to your one as it looks just like preuv with hudge spikes that is blue but not true blue. My preuv has little spikes just like the pedro. I will be happy to email you a pic Ace so you can get your cactus porn!
  3. sharxx101

    Verigated Loph Pics

    Cool pics!!! Well I read on this forum that the original loph's were white. We all have weird family and its no different for the loph's. They are a awesome cactus in any colour!!!
  4. sharxx101

    The case of the missing Loph...

    I have heard of Birds pecking them and even pulling them out and eating them. Once a bird gets the taste for loph's they will come back to finish the others be warned about birds!!!!
  5. Hi Everyone I have just received some Ariocarpus seeds. I have 4 different varieties Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus Ariocarpus Retusus Ariocarpus Fissuratus Ariocarpus Frigonas Does anyone have some tips on spouting these babies as I wanna try not to waste a seed as I only have 25 of each.
  6. sharxx101

    Growing Ariocarpus from seed

    Thanks Jack
  7. sharxx101

    Orange spots on my a few of my cacti

    Thanks VM I will take your advise.
  8. Hi Guys & Gals I have some orange spots on a few of my cacti. I was just wondering what is the best way to get rid of these spots. I have sprayed a little bit of fungicide on the one that are infected. I will post some pics in the next day or 2. I love mushroom fungi but not these little orange suckers. Is there any better way then to treat them with copper sulfate fungicide? and a more natural way with a certain herb? One is a pedro and the other is a loft, a few of my grafting mediums also have it Any advise is greatly appericated. Thanks form Sharxx101
  9. sharxx101

    Orange spots on my a few of my cacti

    Trichocereus pachanoi is my pedro, and my grafting mediums are perskopis you can guess what i meant by loft. should have been a loph. they are small orange spots I have photos but this site doesn't seem to let me up load them. Thanks for the advise guys, I will cut them out as they are tiny and dont want them to spread. Is there any natural fungicide as I dont like to spray harsh chemicals on my babies. Thanks for the info. I am still a newbie to this site and trying to figure out how everything works. Thanks again