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  1. cmarx

    MXE - Legal Status?

    Thelema, thanks for that info. It's interesting that you don't see more of it available in Vic (can't speak for WA). Would love to hear Torsten's take on this... One would think that if it were that clear cut, it would be available in your local head shop.
  2. cmarx

    MXE - Legal Status?

    Sometimes this country makes me sick...
  3. cmarx

    MXE - Legal Status?

    That's what I initially assumed, but this post from Torsten suggests otherwise...? http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29933
  4. cmarx

    MXE - Legal Status?

    Looks like their banning MXE in the UK... does anyone know the current legal status in terms of importing? And is possession still legal in Vic?
  5. cmarx

    audio recording computer

    Hi Mate, I've been a recording engineer professionally for many years now, so if you need advice don't hesitate to PM me. I think what the guys have said above is pretty spot on, although I wouldn't necessarily recommend an M-Box. I'm not sure you're getting the best "bang for your buck". Can you provide a bit of info about the specs/platform of your current computer? Also, what software are you running at the moment? CM
  6. Thank you all for your advice!! This community is amazing. I will seek sceletium and probably some cacti? Is there any specific cacti that would suit my cause? Oh, I'm west facing, so plenty of afternoon sun!!
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone might be able to recommend a few plants or cacti that I may be able to grow out doors in Melbourne climate. I live in an apartment with a balcony, so I don't have a garden. It's my first go at anything like this, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks cmarx
  8. cmarx

    Have I been given awful advice?

    Thanks everyone for the input. I don't know where I'd be without a crack team at my fingertips!! (Hospital?) PS Yes, Mumford and sons are awesome!
  9. I notice that there will be screenings of DMT: The Spirit Molecule... Awesome!! :D Any chance of swinging a screening of "Dirty Pictures" as well?
  10. Hi All, I have been identifying certain kinds of fungi for a while now, and I am reasonably proficient. Recently I was advised with sincerity and certainty by someone who generally seems more knowledgeable than I am that the following mushrooms are active. He/she claims them to be "gold tops", but certain aspects of these go against everything I have ever known to indicate active shrooms. Can anyone help me figure out the true identity/nature of these mushrooms?
  11. cmarx

    What on earth is going on here?

    Yeah the pics don't show the colour all that well, but it's definitely a really dark blue. Thanks for all you help gents!
  12. cmarx

    What on earth is going on here?

    Oh thanks for the reply mate, yeah i've been trying to steer away from the less formed ones, will take that on board. Is it normal for subs to get very blue (almost black) on top before they're picked?
  13. cmarx

    What on earth is going on here?

    From the same patch...
  14. Hey guys, first post here after heading your wonderful advice for a couple of years now! Went on a bit of a hunt today in SE Victoria, came up with a reasonable haul. On my travels I encountered these little guys which almost look like subs that have blued themselves silly. Just wanting to know what your thoughts are? Cheers