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  1. This on my to-read list. The author, Nese, steps on a some ppls toes, but she’s a solid scholar and does important work, IMO. 

     Unless I’m mistaken, her point is that psychedelics, like AI, are being developed to be used in ways that entrench inequality instead of living up to their potential, which should be to make us more free and the same people or at least people with the same ideologies are responsible for using these tools to fuck us over. 

  2. On 21/9/2023 at 10:35 AM, -RC- said:

    Commentors above have asked reasonable questions which, if the laws were based on reason/scientific evidence/and or harm, would ostensibly have reasonable answers.


    But that assumption, that drug law is somewhat based on logic, is naive in the extreme. :scratchhead:


    This recent article examines how religion and racism form a large and foundational part of our drug laws globally, particularly when considering 'alien' drugs, like psychedelics and most 'New World' substances, bar cocaine.




    Don't expect reason to be accepted when laws fly in the face of it :wink:


    I think we all know the root of existing drug laws isn’t reason, it’s power, specifically the misuse of it. In any case I think it important that folk understand the detail of what’s happening in the ACT. 

    On 21/9/2023 at 11:08 AM, fyzygy said:

    ^ Maybe this explains why the conservatives -- notorious racist and monotheist ideologues -- are trying to override the proposed ACT reforms at the Commonwealth level. 


    Khat is another classic instance of (ethnoracial) demonisation of a "public health" (if not spiritual) menace. 


    According to Rätsch, even the Bavarian "purity law," regulating the ingredients of beer, had a strong religious motivation -- to suppress paganism, as mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reinheitsgebot 


    But let's not forget, the ever-present profit motive. Big Pharma (and its handmaiden, the TGA) always has a say in Oz drug policy, to be sure. 



    TGA and big Pharma, for sure, and the medical/psychiatric establishment too. But don’t forget the role the police play in all of this. IMO, the final version of these laws has their fingerprints all over it. 

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  3. Important to note the threshold amounts don’t entirely make sense. For example, the threshold for psilocybin is 1.5 grams, no matter what form it’s in. ACT uses what are sometimes called “container” laws, this means that getting caught with 1 gram of pure psilocybin puts you under the threshold, but 2 grams of wet P. subaeruginosa would technically put you over. 

    And yes, fines are regressive in the sense that they hit people with less money much harder - doubly so when you consider that the police will confiscate whatever you’ve just been caught with. 

  4. I don’t recall seeing changa that far back. But we all know (or should know) that tryptamines crystallised on plant material for smoking is an idea that’s really been around for a while - e.g., 5MeO-DMT on parsley that was apparently in the US during the 70s and 80s. 

  5. They say sequels are never as good, and that goes for lockdowns, especially if you’re up to number 6. (I know they’re necessary, but they’ve definitely been financially and mentally tough to live through.)


    Still, the sun was out today, and I’ve had my shots (5G to brainstem connection is growing in nicely), so I’m doing ok overall. 

  6. Hey all,

    After 4 lovely years in Melbourne (where I was made to feel truly welcome & loved by @etherealdrifter and @Amazonian), I’ve relocated to the mid north coast of NSW. So, once we’ve settled in (and assuming we don’t all end up in lockdown), it would be cool to catch up with any peeps that might be around this neck of the woods. 

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    Due to the current restrictions in Victoria the Australian Psychedelic Society and MYCOmmunity have had to move the Melbourne Mushroom Day program to online. The event is now on Saturday June 12 between 1pm and 8pm. It'll l be recorded to available to watch for 6 weeks. There will also be extra opportunities for Q&A with the speakers over the 6 week period (schedule TBA). 








    Tickets here: https://events.humanitix.com/mushroom-day-2021?_ga=2.185152937.1851544095.1622694995-1602649199.1622694995 








    There'll be talks and workshops on many topics including:





    • ecology and conservation



    • mushroom cultivation



    • mushroom medicines



    • how to use iNaturalist



    • how to use a microscope



    • sequencing fungi and environmental DNA



    • safe foraging of edible mushrooms



    • poisonous look-alikes



    • natural dyeing



    • myco-materials









    Keynote speakers:




    Dr Alison Pouliot - an ecologist, environmental photographer and honorary fellow at the Australian National University. Her research spans both northern and southern hemispheres where she is actively involved in fungal conservation andethnomycology, conducting over 400 fungus workshops and forays over the last two decades. Alison’s recent book, The Allure of Fungi (CSIRO Publishing) explores the natural and cultural curiosities of the fungal realm. Her new book (co-authored with mycologist Tom May) is the first field guide to edible fungi in Australia will be published later this year. More information is available at www.alisonpouliot.com








    Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher is an ecologist who has a special interest in conservation of biodiversity, particularly the macrofungi and mosses. She has lived in Australia, New Zealand and Africa and is interested in these and similar landscapes around the world. She most enjoys spending time in bushland and working with community groups to help them understand the importance of fungi in maintaining health. www.funfungiecology.com



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  8. On 06/12/2020 at 6:44 PM, etherealdrifter said:

    yeah lets not confuse each other. Gate C, Tacoma pavilion , RMBG, wear the white carnation on your lapel and the secret word is boofing


    They say the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach. I say, aim lower. :innocent_n:

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  9. Yeah @Northerner I saw that too :BANGHEAD2:.


    Well, I remembered to put a short recommendation in to the TGA in favour of getting CBD scheduled as a pharmacy-only medicine. I know it’s not a huge thing, but it would help with public attitudes I think, as well as being really helpful for the conditions CND can help alleviate. 


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