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  1. 3 hours ago, bardo said:

    Flat earth is a very relevant topic to discus due to how prevalent the idea appears to be at this time.


    dude, it's become prevalent because there are billions of humans on this planet and a lot of them are not particularly smart & the internet allows ignorance to be very loudly broadcast.


    with the nature of this society being what it is (do i really need to elaborate?) is it any wonder that most people don't know diddly squat about earth science?  most people don't even know where their food comes from


    5 minutes ago, Zedo said:

     But like anything and everything, an unchallenged thought can become fact even if it's not factual.


    exactly bro, thats the only reason i ever commented in this thread :)


    and don't worry man, i don't think you're having a dig at me, i don't take this discussion personally, it's just funny


    6 minutes ago, Zedo said:

    Please don't be all politically correct on terminology. War was just a word I used to express conflict, disagreement, and potential disdain towards another's varied thoughts.


    is all good man, i just don't think a discussion is all that analogous to war, it's a discussion, which is a positive thing & i think it's a mistake to be too sensitive about words.  i think it's also a mistake to be too politically correct in the use of our words..  having a little passion doesn't mean it has to be personal or driven by disdain

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  3. 33 minutes ago, Zedo said:

     I love how we can be at heart with the same topic like plants but at war


    why is it that people think that any actual real discussion about something is a war?  it's a discussion, no need to take anything to heart... a good discussion is a good thing, even if it is a discussion about why the discussion is stupid haha

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Zedo said:

    either way. When you disconnect the body and the mind. The reality you know disappears till you return. Make of that what you will :)


    i get you zedo, you make good points & i feel your sentiment...  you brought up something i said, so i guess i will explain that in the last post (edit: its actually the 4th last post) i made in this thread i addressed exactly what you are saying here ^ & why i think that this is a very pertinent aspect to any debate about 'reality' but that i think using that point to back up the flat earth idea is a completely false argument. 


    if you say the sky isn't blue, which from the perspective of this point you are making, could be a very valid argument as it is relative, then that is all well and good, but if you use this argument to then go on to say that the sky is not blue, it's actually a cheeseburger, then the point you are making kind of falls apart no?  do you see what i am saying?


    it would definitely hold up better if that point was being used to explain why the earth may not be the way science has described it, but becomes ridiculous when you then insert a totally made up theory with almost nothing to back it up.


    i think for this reason it is not unfair to call this debate stupid and retarded as it is a false debate.  do you get what i am saying?  i am not saying that it is stupid and retarded to question reality and discuss alternative ideas and realize that reality is subjective and produced by your own consciousness, i'm not even saying its stupid to come up with wacky ideas to replace good ideas, i'm saying it's stupid to exhaustively discuss an extremely good idea alongside a profoundly badly thought through idea as though those ides are equal.



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  5. mate every thread i have seen you post in you have trolled it with your walls of pointless posts.  this forum isn't a chat room for you fill up with empty garbage.  One of the reasons the quality of content has gone so far down hill in recent years is that the vast majority of content is from annoying tools like yourself.  i can appreciate your enthusiasm but someone has to tell you.  i never even intended to be rude to you, you're just a bit thick and now its at the point i consider trolling you a community service

  6. On 02/06/2017 at 10:07 AM, Skellum said:

    ^incredibly fucking lame... lol

    I've seen similar links throughout the forums in the past too.  :slap:


    How do you troll through the cracks to 1000posts without being picked up? haha


    didn't you just say that I seem like a smug, arrogant wanker?


    It's taken that fella 6 years to get to 1000 posts of his convoluted poetry, how did you manage to babble your way to nearly 500 mostly pointless posts in 6 months without being picked up?

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  7. the actual logic behind flat earth is non existent.

    the reason there is no east and west pole is because the earth spins in that direction bro, think about it...


    you seem like a great guy skellum but you're being a little daft..  which is not that strange in a thread called 'the flat earth debate' but still

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  8. 18 minutes ago, bardo said:


    Most of my theories admittedly are derived from intuition and are difficult to explain in any real coherent manner, mainly a spiritual perspective where i think/feel this is all illusion, in existence here i feel we exist like phantasm from source, i feel there can be many truths coexist simultaneously but each one is as if it where sand in the mind of the beholder, i feel we see what we perceive but never what is really there because what is there?



    i very much agree with what you are getting at here bardo.  everything we perceive is a holographic projection occurring in our consciousness.  Everything we have ever experienced & ever will experience is such, even if the physical universe outside of us really is a lot like it seems to our senses, the closest we will ever come to it is through this projected representative model of it that is a product of our consciousness.  Hallucination & 'real life' are not necessarily different things at all.  This is a large part of the basis of most spiritual traditions that seek to transcend the illusion of a mind-created universe we are trapped within.


    i think it's one of the most fundamental aspects of the weirdness of existence & i have been pondering this pretty much since i was a small child.


     in my opinion, the point, when it comes to this kind of discussion, is that this is not a 'debate', either you have had some insight into the illusory nature of our own perceptions or you haven't..  Except through some very subtle zen-like language games, it is basically meaningless to debate such strange & fundamental psychological phenomena.  


    while some people like to use this argument in support of ideas like flat earth, i think that is misguided.  If the flat earth idea was coherent at all it would be a debate about physical phenomena which, no matter how illusory our internal projections of reality may be, are still consistently very measurable & have extremely complex & very sound science, mathematics & endless observation which explains these things profoundly well.


    in all my years of pondering these kind of deep things, i have come to feel that it's a mistake to throw the baby out with the bathwater by giving no credence whatsoever the the phenomenal world which seems to exist independent of our consciousness.  it seems to me that there is a relationship occurring between our limited individual consciousness/illusion & the universe at large.


    In any respect a debate about something like the apparent structure of our planet is meaningless without having some kind of coherent structural framework of language which can be understood by anyone who has the patience to educate themselves in some kind of a meaningful way regarding that language.  in this case it is mostly the science of physics over the last 400 years or so..  otherwise this discussion is just like a bunch of apes arguing over whether a cloud looks like a chicken or peanut which you might agree would be boring & stupid.



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  9. yeah i think there is a lot of good reasons to sow in natural cycles.  way higher possibility of soft stock growing year round in a greenhouse like you said wb & more complicated hardening off etc & it just makes sense to acclimatize seedlings to their natural conditions from word go..  i just thought cause the title said commercial scale..  but for a conservation project it's not the best advice.

    actually i don't think i have anything else to add to your advice wb. 


    good luck with your project tripsis!  let us know how things go in the future

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  10. i get your sentiment bardo & respect you for it.  i agree people should be treated with respect but ideas are not people.  some ideas should be ousted for what they are.

    i don't personally think i was being disrespectful to siks3, he is probably a lovely guy, i was just teasing him for stating that people who don't believe in a flat earth are hurting because they have been deceived.  then demonstrate that the reason he believes in a flat earth is because he doesn't understand physics. 

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  11. for the record i also applaud anyone who is trying to see beyond the veil.  conspiracy is a normal primate behavior & large scale conspiring is par for the course in any civilization.

    it is not an easy thing to do, to broaden your awareness & intelligence to give yourself a better chance to determine when you're being bullshitted to & to pursue deeper ideas..  but that is precisely why dumb shit like the flat earth idea become so popular.

    also google and faceboooks algorithms do not help at all.  it sux how easy it is to google your way into a universe of confirmation bias as you fall into a vortex of 'suggestions' which only relate to whatever it is you were searching to begin with.  i think this is a huge problem with the world today & probably accounts for a lot of the silly fads that are happening on the internet right now

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  12. 2 hours ago, bardo said:

     don't let the "academic" folk get you down


    not sure if this is somehow in reference to my comments but hey man!  i'm a high school dropout too!  i dropped out because staying in that ridiculous dump was a really bad idea that was not worth pursuing. just like the flat earth! 

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  13. bardo i appreciate your goodwill man, i'm sorry that i can be a dismissive rude cunt.  i personally can't make sense of much thats going on in the world right now.  it's an unprecedented time of profound weirdness. basically every human on earth is a global publishing company & it's profoundly easy for 'bad' ideas to gain a huge amount of traction extremely quickly on the internet. 


    I also think there is a global education epidemic..  partly to do with the fact that genuinely well educated people are not good for consumerism..  so it's in the interests of our modern global economic systems that this be the case.

    another problem i see is that people are not so stupid that they don't know they are being hugely mis-educated, manipulated, lied to & controlled like livestock & so people are very rightly mistrusting of a lot of accepted knowledge (also a lot of accepted knowledge is actually complete bullshit)..  unfortunately we are also often not in the best position to accurately determine which ideas are horseshit & how best to go about liberating ourselves because we have spent our lives being mis-educated & manipulated & there is masses of ridiculous shit out there masquerading as good information.  it's a truly weird time to be alive.

    but i applaud anyone who tries to see between the lines, question supposed realities & liberate themselves from the 'facts' of an untrustworthy system.  it's disheartening when that process gets so misled.

    i want to say that i'm not saying that you personally are badly educated or anything like that, i'm not remotely qualified to judge you as a person.  unfortunately the fact is we all suffer from that disease. 

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  14. I have spent a long time in the past making the same points you are making regarding education. I get it man but unless you are capable of superseding Newtonian and einsteinian physics then haven't got much leg to stand on when trying to explain that they aren't extremely valuable tools for describing the physical world around us, which is what the flat earth concept would assume if it had any coherency at all.  The education system itself is deeply flawed & we have to be very careful who we accept external knowledge from but education in general is fundamental to Human development, without it we are essentially language-less apes. At best, without it our thoughts exist within a vacuum, an echo chamber of our own personal delusions.


    but honestly I don't know anything about your personal ideas bardo, I have hardly read your posts here & know nothing else about you. My comments on this conversation being retarded were not aimed at you but to the conversation as a whole because it is very retarded.

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