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  1. these are of the same species- different plant growing nearby.


    flowers are thin & close during the day! i've noticed, while seeing the plants from the road in the early morning that the flowers are still open. no photo yet but i noticed that the stigmas\stamens are yellow. the rest of the flower, pure white. absolutely no purple anywhere on the plant!




    immature seedpod:


  2. alot of very enlightening points, Greendreams!

    In a much less distracted lifestyle, you don't NEED the "magic buttons" probably as often or at such high levels, as you have a pretty good idea of who you are what what you feel to start with,and the wise man has told you what to expect in the future and what hashappend in the past... not as much need to go poking and prodding the inner recesses of the mind, as it's often not as "inner" as more "modern" minds tend to be. Mind body spirit as one in a... intuitive sense, not printed on a tshirt or self help book.

    this is also a bloody good point!

    the psychedelic state, i think, seems to be a state of more direct perception of the phenomenon of existance, free from ideology and pre- concieved notions of reality etc

    if a culture has a much deeper "connection with nature" (i cringe at the cliche of that term) and a more wholistic view of themselves within the universe, with a deep spirituality which is unquestionably a part of everything in daily life and is free from sectarian ideology, then it doesn't seem strange to me that the artwork which comes from this culture seems to resonate with the same feeling as psychedelicly inspired art, as they both come from a connection with a deeper truth!

  3. Any knowledge or use of such plants is hidden or has been lost completely.

    i've never read of any documented use of psychedelics, but a FUCKING LOT of knowledge was lost in the aussie aboriginal haulacaust. i think a great deal of the knowledge & culture which is left is pretty inaccessible to most white fella's.

    i'm lucky enough to have an old aboriginal friend who i go out bush with now and then. it is an honer for me to be allowed into his circle of friends and to share eachothers culture. he and his old friends have taken me to some amazing places and i'm constantly learning so much from them. but there are many things which are off limits to me, as far as the sharing of knowledge and their deeper spiritual... stuff.

    i feel i will have to spend ALOT more time with them, in order to be deemed worthy of deeper blackfella's knowledge.

    i have touched on the topic of drugs with my friend, i didn't take it very far though, certainly didn't talk about psychedelics at all!

    it seems he's fairly against drugs in general. but i think that's just his personal opinion and i have no idea what role drugs played in his traditional culture. like most modern aboriginies, his link to his traditional culture is somewhat fragmented, so i don't really know if he would have that knowledge, though i'll make a point one day to get his perspective (in terms of his spirituality and culture) on psychedelics.

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  4. i think it's very likely Panaeolus solidipes, the one in ayahuascara's photo on the far right aswell.

    i've been finding these in my area for years, very often growing alongside Panaeolus cyanescens.

    supposedly they're quite good eating.

    David Arora's book, Mushrooms demystified say they are: "the only non-hallucinogenic Panaeolus worth eating"

    i'm not certain enough to actually recommend you eat em tho!

  5. planthelper i love your work!

    i'm just wondering, you said you used to have a market stall, a friend of mine brought back a few candlabra's (?) from woodford at least ten years ago, they look very similar, i can't help but think they must have been yours.

    i can say that i've had many a night in my friends house where these candle holders have greatly enhanced my experience. they truely are psychedelic, the way the candle light casts shadows and makes the sculpture come to life is really amazing!

    keep creating :lol: