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  1. Shroomie the Shaman

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    ***They now love me!*** I did only have two plants infested but I used a toothbrush (taking more care than when brushing my teeth!) and a spray bottle set on jet, rinse n repeat every afternoon...by the second afternoon there were only a few! As I sit here looking, they're blooming up in the sun. THANKS ALL!!!
  2. Shroomie the Shaman

    Love that nature...

    It just has to be said, here in SE QLD we are having the best weather for us plant lovers. A little water at night (if it doesn't rain) and sunshine all day. Got rid of my "scale" infestation (thanks guys!!! ) and things are booming. *Happy Gardening*
  3. Shroomie the Shaman

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    You are both my kind of gardeners...I only have 2 infested plants, so this afternoon they will both get a hand scrub with an old toothbrush, a jet stream clean off, I might even be able to go without using anything else...once again, thanks all!!!
  4. Shroomie the Shaman

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    Absolutely brilliant people. I took the photo this afternoon and now (6:07pm) I have several different opinions, all the same. The plants have been quarrantined...well away from my beloved cacti, THANK YOU for there is no sign of spreading. Shall mix up some "white oil," test...then save my only two Psychotrias. Once again, cheers! Your helpfulness will be well used and much appreciated.
  5. Shroomie the Shaman

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    Cheers, can someone please stop me from having to goto the nursery, photo in hand to buy a spray?
  6. Shroomie the Shaman

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    Can anyone please tell me what this is on my Psychotria Viridis? I have 2 and the are both suffering from what looks like little eggs (there are alot of ants too) I would like to avoid pesticides if I could, I tried scraping as much as I could off, also using water, but it all comes straight back...Anyone???
  7. Shroomie the Shaman

    i can't believe it's not moroccan hashish / opium

    Thanks for that Torsten...I got some "can't believe it's not moroccan hashish" and was VERY dissapointed. Now I know why as I take benzos every day for epilepsy. 6mg of "Rivotril" a day to be exact, so obviously I'm not gonna get much from it. I thought it was a real let down but now I know why...It's my medications interfering with it! Can you tell me if the "not opium" will do much for me while being on 50mg of "Kapanol" a day???
  8. Shroomie the Shaman


    I remember those days...emerging from a sweaty wharehouse at sunrise to see dozens of "Sudafed" packs (empty) scattered across the carpark. I distinctively remember a friend habitually getting a tray per pill of "X" to mix, and apparently they mixed well...he was always the last to leave and then the first to arrive at the recovery party...*sighs* Oh those memmories of the early 90's rave parties. "When the music was good, the lollies were cheap, and the only thing that mattered was the fact that everyone had a good time." Are there any real "underground" dance parties around anymore that don't get stopped by the police at 1am???
  9. Shroomie the Shaman

    Chocamine (Theobroma extract)

    I got some of the Theobroma extract and arent quite sure how to "make the most of it."
  10. Shroomie the Shaman

    Anybody here have a "MySpace" page?

    Greetings all, Just trying to close my computer world a little, and wondering, does anybody reading this have a "MySpace" page? If so, that would be cool-"You can't have too many friends"-Me. So if you do, just add me at http://www.myspace.com/shamanicsounds and let me know where your from! (i.e: The Corroboree) Just trying to get all my "chat buddies" in the one place. Dave.
  11. Shroomie the Shaman

    Living a truly Shamanic lifestyle

    O.K...If this classes as sane (been away GD and others...) then I hereby declare sanity as a Social disorder! Watched the lunar eclipse the other night, sat on the beach with others coming for a quick look, looking at me like "freak" saying it's too cold and going inside, call me archaic but to me a lunar eclipse has to be sat through to benefit from its cleansing properties!!!
  12. Shroomie the Shaman

    Living a truly Shamanic lifestyle

    You guys are all crazy...j/k (LMFAO!!!)
  13. Shroomie the Shaman

    Spring is here!!!

    I've been waiting for this all winter, and here it comes...SPRING! The best time of year as your days get more sunny and alive, so does your garden. I just grafted a few more cacti and aloe, but I will take some photos near the end of spring, it'll look good then...until then, HAPPY GARDENING!!!
  14. Well, here I am in Sydney for the weekend...just made my first (hopefully first of many) swapsies with a "stranger" I met through this site (lol...all legal, grafts ect...) and it has really made me think. How long would it have taken me to met this person without this site? I dare say maybe never considering location, but this all just adds to the light I was sent last night. I lay there thinking of how giving gives you more than taking, This person proved themselves so I provided a couple o' grafts (the best I had) to build his collection and after sleeping on his reply, and "thank yous" I awoke with a sensation taking could never give. It cost me the crowns of my 2 favourite San Pedros, and around $8 p/h but his grattitude gave me a feeling nothing else could! OH HOW SOME PEOPLE HAVE IT ALL BACKWARDS!!! What is the price of mateship and trust? "Priceless" I refused his offer to pay p/h insisting "no promises, just favours" and haven't felt this good in a while:) Of course he replied with an offering of "seeds ect..." This all floods me with light, Have we reverted to true Archaic barter on trust my friend? I think so and it is a great feeling, one which I do not want to lose! So, whoever is reading this, take a leap and give, not just what you can spare, give the best you can for free! Trust me, the feeling you recieve is better than any pill you may have popped and stronger than any man you have battled!!! So today, think of what you would like to recieve, then give that to a "nobody" for no reason...I assure you...better than drugs, sex...hell, even sex on drugs!!! "I know it's far fetched, but we really could make the value of money non-existant, by using trust, mateship and plain, old-fashioned purity, I think an Archaic Revival may be a big ask globally, but you can create it today within yourself, which is a good start, after all, wasn't the biggest tree in your street once a tiny seed?" -The more closely you look at something, the bigger it becomes- Shroomie the Shaman
  15. Shroomie the Shaman

    brissie people, Saturday 14th April

    CRAP!!! I have to look after my Mother...I could use an excuse to cut n boil...