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  1. On 05/06/2020 at 10:06 PM, etherealdrifter said:

    It's a melted story that one has to experience......then you will know  - it's name.

    Wild horses dragged out the truth from the keepers of it's origin but alas none were capable nor worthy of it's safe keeping.

    It comes from way way back in the time before dinosaurs and amoeba.

    It was a fable shared only to fable tellers and foible spellers.

    The name that mustn't be spoken or uttered.

    Hence it's unknownence was only spelt in sand and none will henceforth be able to retell - the story on the bridgesii NAT unless you were there at the fair that was the meltednat day -and that's a fact.

    Do not utter these words again because i would be remiss to remind you of your misguided and misplaced eagerness to attach a monetary value to it's existence. 


    you must have a very interesting life to go to these lengths on a story 


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