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  1. Loads of things can happen, one of those unlikely events is that they’ve opened it up, even more unlikely that anyone would know what it actually is. 


    Ive had things, like electronics, come from interstate and it’s taken up to 3-4 weeks. Delay in postage, delay at the post office, etc can all add up. It might still turn up. 


    Also im quite sure if it is a psilocybe spore print it is not legal here in Australia. Someone correct me if I am wrong. So it’s probably in your best interest to accept it as lost if it does not arrive. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Average Joe said:

    This is scary stuff indeed for anyone that can remember a world without the World wide web of internets. 

    But perhaps the youngins that have been born into a world under these controls would not have the same fears, even if those fears should be felt. They have been brought up in a different world, conditioned by the advertising companies that keep them wanting the next upgrade without reading the fine print.


    It's going to get worse before it gets better, and it's not getting better till it all falls down


    You're spot on with that last comment... Before anything like this changes there always is some sort of scandal or something awful happening. I hate to imagine what that might be. 

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  3. https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/bwksx4/the_australian_federal_police_have_raided_the/epylt8a/


    When you take a step back and look at everything that has been going on in Australia it is very worrying...


    For example:

    -Random strip searches in some of our cities.

    -Metadata collection on all of our internet useage (such as website visited etc).

    -Opt-out only online medical records.

    -laws forcing companies to create backdoors in their software so people can be monitored. 


    What can we do to change the current trajectory? I feel a bit hopeless, there are so many opportunities being created which open up everyone to potentially be abused if either the government. or anyone else who manages to get a hold of this data. desires to.

    Stuff like this used to be a bit of a conspiracy theory, people would even laugh imagining it... Now, look where we are. Its all very very real and has the potential to be abused. 

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  4. I loved the talk about acacia.


    Put a smile on my face to hear someone talk about something they’re passionate about. Added another layer of interest and respect for the acacias we have here in aus too.


    Well done :)



  5. Have you tried heating it at all to see if it degrades/falls apart? sometimes warmer water (energy) can speed up the process of things breaking down. 


    Meanwhile if it does require heat to break down (which it looks like it does from googling it) its sort of rendering their claim for it to be environmentally friendly false, as once it enters the ocean it'd have to travel to hawaii to get above 25°c lol


    I reckon there would be a variety of different types which probably dissolve at various temperatures, for the dishwasher tablet it would probably make sense they'd have it at a higher temperature. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Northerner said:

    Spore syringes are illegal so you won't get that here. You can acquire prints for microscopy legally though.

    I am quite sure that spore prints are also illegal. 

  7. Yea haha i thought I’d just put it out there to see how many would actually come, I know there’s a few out there but whether or not they’ll come to any meets is a different question haha. I know one or two people who aren’t on the forums who might come along too. 




    Depending on where everyone is, Was thinking botanical gardens or a park in Launceston. Or possibly something more private depending on what we would be doing. I can bring along some cactus seedlings as presents for everyone. 

  8. I'm amazed and glad that this is making its way into the mainstream media. This stuff truly is amazing and more people need to know about it.


    Having such a thing as this news segment on the TV will spark a few peoples interests thats for sure. 


    I think one of the main hurdles to these drugs becoming legal is that people don't realise that its not just 'druggies' (as certain people call them) that use these, but lots of people from all walks of life. Just the people who are in a professional setting or have certain jobs/religious families would be fearful to share that they have tried these substances because they'd probably lose jobs and stuff... These news articles help normalise it. :)

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  9. 20 hours ago, Spiky Mc Cactus Face said:


    I dunno about this one...iv seen kilo bags of hemp seeds sold on ebay as well as in my local health food shop...


    So my guess is it falls under some funny category of health and beauty hemp products (loop hole), possibly some one selling hemp seed as cannabis seed or cops....or maybe aliens. ...definitely aliens 

    Would be a good scam if its hemp seeds, legal and they're not lying. haha 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Ethnoob said:


    Although I have vastly underestimated the stupidity of mankind in the past I refuse to believe anyone is actually that stupid.  It reeks of a trap to catch people breaking drug laws, federal mail laws, etc. to spook them into ratting out everyone they know so much as jaywalked.

    Who knows whats going on but I know for sure you'd have to be a bit silly to buy them! hahaha


    There are some special kinds of people out there so you never know :lol:

  11. Who here has seen any of the big lez show? If you’ve never heard of it I highly recommend this amazing original Australian youtube comedy show. It’s first episodes are quite old and not quite as well made but it is still absolutely enjoyable and is worth watching :) it’s full of drug references and all sorts of humour. TBLS started me on my ethnobotanical journey, so it holds a special place in my heart. 



    If you’re familiar below is the third movie length instalment of TBLS. Enjoy! 



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  12. The super high post count is not that important as lots of people have been around for a long time and mostly communicate via pms. I personally found the trade thread really awesome when I was first starting out, now a lot of the things that were offered in there I’ve already got a heap of seeds of. Also a few trade rep would be good for high value, 10 is quite a bit, maybe half of that would be ok. :) 


    posting pics of the stuff you’re offering shouldn’t be necessary unless it’s high value imo. Like a cut or a book etc. 


    i dont think were we’re probably going to be able to get mods to spend a heap of time fixing it up. Could also just ignore any posts that are non trade related to discourage further derailment. 



    All all we can do is try I suppose haha. 

  13. Ok so: new thread requirements, let’s come to some sort of agreement to make it work:




    Low value: low post count requirement - 25?


    1. no posts other than trade posts - claim/offer only. If anything else is posted a 3 month participation ban from the thread will be put in place. 


    2. Things can be claimed in a post but the post must be updated within the day with their offered stuff. 


    3. If someone posts an offer and doesn’t follow through within two months they are banned from participating 


    4.ban list and issues with people not responding must be sent to the op and the op post will be updated with any on going problems. Op has power to post non trade/claim posts if needed. 





    high value thread: same rules as above but post requirement of 70-150? (What’s a good post count to be able to participate? Would be good to get some input) 


    I was thinking for this thread cuts, books etc could be passed forward, anyone got any other ideas of cool things that could be sent? (No illegal stuff of course)


    Please tell me what you all think of above. What should be edited or added. Then we can start a thread :) in reality we need someone with the ability to delete posts to moderate the thread. Can an op delete others posts in a thread?

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