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  1. I use takeaway tek and only leave it closed for a month or so, holes in bottom, don’t bother with microwaving etc....


    so basically just use takeawaycontainers as plant pots which I close for a month to germinate lol


    had great success with it. 

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  2. She said her client, who now lives in Mount Gambier, was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety after being jailed for other offences.

    "Why would a person suffering from mental health issues be using a hallucinogen? I just can't imagine anything more bound to adversely affect a mental health condition," Magistrate Fisher said.


    hmmm.  Using dmt when you’ve got ptsd? Never heard of that being done before! What a silly person! Naughty boy. 

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  3. Let’s get this going again then. 


    I offer a lucky dip of three different types of trichocereus seeds, bridgesii macro scop crosses. 


    Whoever accepts these must give more than that away again because I am handing these out with nothing in return. 

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