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  1. I'm a fan of improvising with what you have. I use soil from my garden where acacias keep springing up. Mix in a bit of coir. Germinate in plastic containers inside a  transparent food grade plastic bag (recycle!! 4&5, 1&2 all the rest are bad for you) and then when they are an inch or so repot into plastic pots (or old yogurt containers with 0.5 cm holes at the bottom, don't use terracotta as it doesn't retain moisture) I put a layer of rocks at the bottom for extra drainage, and then a bit of home made compost. I've germinated accuminata, maidenaii and floribunda, the floribundas took  3 or 4 times as long to germinate, like I had given up on them :/ You can use an old piece of styrofoam as a heat mat as it retains heat. Rainwater is good for little plants as I don't think they like chlorine/ hard water

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  2. hmm yeah I guess so, but I think there is a tendency for the brood to become honeybound in an enclosed horizontal space, so you need 2 follower boards to adjust the space depending where they are keeping the brood. I reckon you must live somewhere pretty warm because bees like to stay around 35 degrees and they're not going to achieve that on a rock ledge in winter further south. But they are pretty adaptable, like being fed high frustose corn syrup by beekeepers... mm healthy GM. Have you seen 'more that honey" and 'queen of the bees'?bee-ritual_ring_1500bc.thumb.jpg.50d5b4c0a737f2b95c89e54d57b97fc6.jpg







  3. Thanks, I followed these plans. My first carpentry  ((( ̄へ ̄井) http://biobees.com/build-a-beehive-free-plans.php
    then I did a course in natural beekeeping, which was warre focussed. Totally look into the warre design too!  http://www.warre.biobees.com/?mc_cid=f3c7cf2889&mc_eid=f8b4f169df
    It is maybe better in its bio mimicry because it has a vertical design, like a hollow tree.


    I just can't believe how dumb and egotistical people are using neonicotinoids and practicing monoculture! combined with the bees sensitivity to emf, because they use magnetoreception to navigate, it makes them vulnerable to all sorts of bacteria and pests.:ana:


    The pic at the bottom is a swarm cell, so I have a young queen who would have mated in the local Drone Congregation Area, 
    for wild genetic diversity!


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  4. Hello, 
    anyone here from the blue mountains?
    I have a small medicinal garden but would like to create a sacred garden.
    can do cash or plant swap or prints of pictures,


    I have
    Echinacea purpurea seeds, heirloom borage seeds, chilli seeds, white sage seeds, cuttings of ginkgo or wormwood (a beautiful menthol/minty smelling one),
    giant dandelions, lemon saplings, port jackson seedlings, birch seedlings, aloevera pups, Aeonium arboreum Zwartkop, pineapple sage  (゜◇゜)


    Any cooler climate recommendations?

    Any must have suggestions for a sacred garden ? 





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